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Humans are the only species where the female continues to have engorged breasts even when they are not pregnant. A popular line of thought is that evolution has produced this effect as an aesthetic mating rite. The thought is that men like women's breast because the pair of breast come together and look like a woman's butt. Alternatively, there is a line of thought that a woman who has large breast gives the impression of being able to bear lots of children and produce lots of milk.

However, observation depicts a totally different scenario.

I woman who is in good physical condition generally has an upper body that is not totally dissimilar to a man who is in good physical condition. This is very indicative of sociological processes and traditions taking place.

In early tribal communities, women performed as much work as men. Men of tribal communities do not look at women's breasts in a sexual context. It is only in postagricultural communities that a woman's breasts take on any form of sexual significance.

In early agrarian society, a woman was little more than livestock. They were bought and sold for purposes of implanting "seeds" and producing offspring. Thus, a woman had little opportunity for activity that would result in exercise, leaving them to become extremely sedentary. Thus women tended to gain weight, and much of that fat went into their chest area, producing the enlarged breast that we see in women today.

So it can be shown that the man who drools over a women with large breast is not doing so because the breast produce a desirable evolutionary effect or sexually ideal effect. It is because a woman with large breast is thought to be sedentary and docile, a woman who knows her place. It is a sociological need in many men for dominance, and a way of women to show submissiveness.

So women who undergo breast augmentation are actively making an effort to show that they are willing to be ruled over by men. What does that say about our society today, I wonder?

I am become death, destroyer of worlds

I like boobies. Don't care

I like boobies. Smiling

Don't care if they're fake or not.

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Um, no - for one thing,

Um, no - for one thing, women's breasts don't necesarily stay engorged when they are not pregnant. "Engorged" means to be filled up or full. When a woman is not pregnant or breastfeeding, her breasts are *usually* not engorged. In fact, after having a baby, many women look rather deflated. Sad Also, many women don't have very much breast tissue and many women have quite a bit of breast tissue. Even many women who do regular physical labor will continue to have breasts that are not like a man's. Larger breasts may be an indication of a healthier woman - especially since in a great many nomadic tribes women with a little fat were considered healthier ... as in, they weren't under nourished. This kind of thinking was sometimes applied to offspring and men as well but not as often (in some tribes, women could not marry until she could prove fertility, so she had to have kids before she could marry - in these situations marriage was clearly more of a social agreement).

Whose idea of good physical condition are you using, anyway? A woman on steroids? Something from a porn video? or the average person that exercises 3-5 times per week? Is your idea of a good physical condition someone who happens to have smaller breasts?

Furthermore, a woman's body naturally retains fat easier than a man's. This makes sense because women often nurish offspring through their own body and so they need the extra fat on their bodies.

I have never ... in any reading of any literature of an anthropological, sociological or psychological nature seen where someone suggested that breasts looked like asses. So if you have a reference for that, I'd like to know where it came from.

Now, as far as older social constructs, in some cases women were subordinates and in some cases they weren't. Most cultures in which women were subordinates come from the middle east and europe. In other parts of the world, there is/was a large variation in the social rankings of women. On the american continents especially, there are several examples of tribes where women's roles were hardly submissive, and where women held honors and duties like men or even where women could take on the social role of a man entirely (dressing like them, doing male-typical activities and then marrying a woman) - the same could also happen in reverse - men could take on the role of women.

Regardless of all of that, I highly doubt that a man drooling over someone's breasts is thinking, "ooooohhhhh, look at those, she's gonna submit!"

If he is, reality will hit him when the lady discloses that shes asexual or something.

Women undergoing breast augmentation are certainly trying to play into what they think is attractive (which is based on some ideas that they have been socially taught were attractive). Interestingly, though, most women I have encountered who have been interested in getting their breast size increased ... they're in positions that actually put men into a submissive role, not the reverse. They are the strip tease dancers, the porn stars, and even a couple prostitutes. Others that I know of that got breast augmentation did so because of issues such as they lost a lot of weight, and that made their breasts smaller sufficiently giving themselves flattened breasts (which appear odd-looking to them) or they have breastfed and the same has happened.

Of those who do so to get breasts to attract men, well, attracting men is an attempt to, well, attract him ... in other words ... she's trying to get him to do what she wants ...

Whatever the reason men like

Whatever the reason men like breast we do and now days it is more a symbol of womanhood or sexuality. I don't really think the action of women getting implants is saying they want to be submissive, but it isn't a great thing either. I would argue it is a product of our society being so damn shallow. If a women gets the implants she would saying she isn't good enough or wants to fit "the norm". That or is trying to make her self more appealing as a woman. Personally I don’t think they need to modify their body to do this though.

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I really wish that I could

I really wish that I could contribute to this since I'm more fond of the hip flexors and gluteus maximus muscles rather than the breasts.
However, it appears that any mention of female anatomy has an adverse effect upon any pseudo-intellectual input that I might have.

I always make eye contact during discussions. I wait until the woman is distracted to look at her. lol. I don't get 'busted' too often.

I've tried to re-condition my reactions to women with the help of some waitresses. Every time they caught me looking, I had to pay a quarter. Some meals became rather expensive this way.

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