Indoctrinated home schooled girl refuses life in the kitchen and seeks education

The atheist community is firmly united in assisting a young girl who was brought up in a religious home that seeks to keep women uneducated and in the kitchen.  Despite her parents refusing to help in any way she has dedicated herself to getting an education and saving her siblings from the same fate.  Please "vote" for her essay about this to help her get a scholarship.  As of my writing of this blog post she has twice as many votes as the second place entry, let's keep it up!


In her essay she states:

Then, I would love to create a safe-house where children of religious homeschooling families can come to improve their lives and future and have hope.
From struggling with poverty, to being unable to get a job without a resume or employment history, and often a substandard education; the children of the Quiverfull movement have extreme challenges to overcome. A home like this would be a safe platform for them to transition into the world without being abandoned to struggle. Many of their parents wish this difficulty for their children, saying it will cause them to return and be content with the party line. I want to create a buffer for the pain parents cause when they shun and disinherit their children for religious reasons.
Because there are more of us every day, and so much pain and heartache.




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Girl mystified at why she got fired?

Stupid as a stupid does..


I'm all for people having their opinions but saying what this immature idiot said is one of those things you keep to yourself. You don't go on Facebook and blurt it out, "I hope is gets assassinated". Comments like these are immature and racist; she deserves to be investigated and she deserves to lose her job.

The hate coming forth from this country is ridiculous even if it is a minority voice. White people need to get a grip and realize that they will soon be a minority. They will soon be on the short end of the stick. If they are not careful they will soon be living a life like in the movie "White Man's Burden".

Time to take your heads out of your asses and realize that their is no place in this world for hate; hate stalls progress and is a regressive emotion.


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Sen. Mitch McConnell is a...

I was searching Google for information on Sen. Mitch McConnell and I found the following... the first one is actually (douchebag)..

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Why Romney Lost

I found this article and thought it was worth the read.

The GOP has completely lost it and while this hijacking has been slowly taking place over the last twenty years, it has reach a point of either turning back toward the middle and dumping radicals/tea party idiots.

There is no place that the GOP can survive unless they return to the middle. No matter how much money the Koch brothers invest, radicalism eventually leads to the destruction of the country and the people. If that is what they want, then they should be considered enemies of the state.

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Greetings From the Negative Zone! (Election Day Special)

Well, it's certainly been very interesting lately in this place.  The people have pretty much accepted me without going through a thorough background check or asking me a lot of questions.  They just seem to amalgamate anything and everything that seems non-threatening.  Granted, I was KICKED through the temporal nexus so to speak that brought me here, but we're just splitting hairs at this point. 


So, yes, I  hope everything has been good for the rest of you.  To those mocking my experience in this place as a bad acid trip, you can go fuck yourselves.  Thank you.  Now then, I know I haven't been updating at all or lurking around here, but I've been busy with some dignitaries here and they recently invited me to one of their "Civil Commons" gatherings which is what I think we should call ours if such a thing existed in politics today.  No, what WE have is arrogance, greed, lobbyists, Wall Street banksters and liars.  Ain't America grand? 


Go vote for Obama!

This is an appeal to those not planning on voting. Please vote! When polled those who claim they are not voting, if they had to vote would vote Obama 3:2. You (the non-voter) are the biggest voting block. Go to the polls non-voters! 

"I can't promise you that your life will get better, easier under Barack Obama. I do think he cares and I know for sure that if the other guy is sitting in the Oval Office, I can guarantee you that not only will your life not get better, it will get much, much worse. Don't take my word for it. Just ask your parents what life was like before a 30-year pillage by the Republicans of the middle class. Your parents bought a house and eventually owned it outright. They weren't in debt. College was free. They bought a new car every 3 or 4 years. They took vacations and were home for dinner by 5 or 6 PM. They had a savings account in the bank. They didn't live in fear of not knowing if they'd even have a job next year.

That's all gone. I don't know if we can get it back, but I do know that Mr. Romney would love the chance to complete the final elimination of the middle class and the American Dream. " - Michael Moore

Read the entire appeal from Michael Moore to urge you to vote Obama.

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Free Thinking, Free Learning

I've been a member of Khan Academy for about five months now. I occasionally log on and watch a few videos to see if I can further my awareness on subjects which I have never been exposed to; most of which seem to be things about finance.

If you have not yet been to Khan Academy then I suggest you visit it. It's free and you get to keep track of what you learn and test yourself with quizzes.

What is amazing about this project is how it got started. You can read a bit here.

But even more interesting is how much money we (as Americans) spend on education but are one of the worst countries in the world for learning.


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Have we given up on stopping spam?

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Chump Change

I have family out in Colorado and they all want to vote for Obama; all the kids and the wife and my brother. See, my brother is in the research industry. He specializes in discovering new cures for viruses. He travels the world trying to find new compounds and has actually been a part of a team which found a medicine which almost completely stops AIDs dead in its tracks.

From what I was told, my brother said that during the Clinton era he and his team were doing very good. They had plenty of money from the government and they were making good results. Then when Bush took over, funding was slashed by 80%. My brother had to let go of almost his entire staff. Twenty two student researchers, fourteen full time staff and two lab techs. He also couldn't travel as much to go to conferences or meet with doctors from other countries. His research was nearly at a stand still.

Then when Obama came back in to office, it was a complete reversal. My brother said that he doubled his staff and was even able to bring on extra people so he didn't have to travel as much. He was able to make new advances with the medicines he was working on and pulled off the shelf several projects for other viruses. Things were good again.

He said that in Colorado the students know who to vote for and so do the parents of those kids. The staff know who to vote for and so do their families. The entire research community in Colorado know that Obama is the only choice.

(on a side note) - Colorado is one of those states where the people voted for medicinal marijuana.

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33 reasons why this election is important to you

2012 brings us an election of tipping points on issues from Afghanistan to Wall Street regulation. Whoever wins next week will likely have a profound impact on many aspects of Americans' lives, including their pocketbooks.

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