What is faith, exactly? Christians say it is their belief in God and Jesus, etc. Faith is the belief in something that is unproven by logic or evidence. Christians say it themselves; if they had proof for God or Jesus, it wouldn’t be faith they were operating off of. It would be knowledge. So, people believe God and Jesus just because?

Obviously not. There is always a reason to everything. People don’t just find out about Jesus and God on there own. They are taught it. By parents, or pastors, or priests or friends. So, faith, regardless of what the Christians may call it, is not faith in God or Jesus or the Bible. Its faith in people. They believe what their parents taught them to be truth, and do not question it. Infants are programmed this way.

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Respect or War?

Recently a very close friend of mine who considers herself agnostic sent me an email telling me she disagreed with the methods of The Rational Response Squad. She told me that it is wrong to not be respectful to the beliefs of those around us, no matter how irrational they may be. I must admit I was shocked when I received this email from someone I consider to be very intelligent and I promptly replied telling her that the Rational Response Squad was very respectful to the beliefs of theists. She responded with a direct quote from the Sam Harris MySpace bulletin that stated we need to stop being respectful towards theism. I once again disagreed with her and assured her that she only misread the bulletin.

Christianity isn't Irrational

I thought it prudent to make a comment concerning the continued discussion of the supposed irrationality of Christianity, especially as there is soon to be a broadcast about it. The title of this entry is an oversimplification, created on purpose to catch interest, for the topic in question has far more horrific entailments than basic irrationality.

In discussing the claims of Christianity, one must keep in mind the type of idea being discussed, as, though many might dispute this, not all ideas are the same. To put it another way, some ideas are by definition axiomatic and as such are not capable of being rationally discussed. Now, this is not to say that the claims of Christianity are axiomatic, despite the notable claims of philosophers/apologists Carl F.H. Henry and Gordon Clark. Rather, this simply points out that the ideas of Christianity are far different than those of evolution, general relativity, laissez-faire capitalism, marxism, and psychoanalysis, to name a few.

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The Three Earth's.

NOTE:This is but a short example of an essay I plan to write. This blog may or may not appear in that essay, but some of the ideas put forth here will. Thank you.

Earth Number One:

A Christian, A Muslim, and a Jew are walking down the beach. The Christian turns to the others and says,"My dear heretics, why do you not accept my God and My savior Jesus Christ into your heart? For if you do not, you will go to Hell and suffer for all eternity! The Muslim and Jew laugh,"No it is you two who are going to Hell!", stated the Jew. The Muslim glared at them both and told they were the ones going to Hell! So they all fought and killed each other. The Christian was granted eternal life in heaven, for his God was the true God. The Muslim and the Jew burned in Hell for all eternity.

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Here is one of them, titled "Libertarian." :

For a long time I've been struggling over which political party I am closest to. Democrat or Republican or some other ones... None seemed to fit the bill. Sure, I love bashed Republicans, but Democrats, too, seemed to be morons on many issues. Both sides seemed to often seek to make choices for people, rather than leaving the choices to the individual. Not to mention the literal definitions of Democrat and Republican were rather, well, similar. One group is for a democracy and the other is for a republic. That's basically the same damn thing. Besides, democracy and republic both contradict freedom, so I'm not for them anyways. Instead of being a serf to a tyrant, in a democracy you are a serf to the majority! That's not freedom. If you say it's freedom, you're an idiot.

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Philosophy of Liberty

I posted a the Philosophy of Liberty video over on my blog:

Check it out if you're interested in learning what Libertarians believe in.

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The Rights of Homosexuals

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Here is one of my older blogs:

Alright, I can't remember if I did a blog on this before. I really don't think I have, surprisingly. This is a fairly popular issue. I did touch on it in my rant blog. I want to tell you just what I think when it comes to homosexuality issues in the US, including "gay marriage" and all that good stuff.

Now apparently the majority thinks people of the same sex should not be able to get married, including our just wonderful (sarcasm) president, George W. Bush Jr.

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Marine Biology Assignment

This is one of my older blogs.
My usual blog space is at
I currently have 106 posted.

This is one of my older blogs. All my other blogs here are somewhat serious, about certain issues, so I'll see if I can't post something funny for once. Here it is:

My lattest Marine Biology Assignment (my favorite answers are to 30, 32, 33, and 37):

(Oh, and yes, I did turn this paper in with these answers.)

Samuel Thomas Poling
Marine Biology - Period #3
Marine Mammals Worksheet

1.) What is the body temp of most mammals?

-- True

2.) What other groups of animals are "warm blooded?"

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About Me

This is one of my older blogs on myspace.
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Here is an older blog I wrote which is just about me.
I'm an asshole and I think this blog warns you of that.

My strengths are:
Born leader, must correct wrongs, strong-willed, exudes confidence, sees the whole picture, goal oriented, moves quickly to action, knows the right answer, has little need for friends, is usually right, and excels in emergencies.
My weaknesses are:
Bossy, impatient, quick-tempered, enjoys controversy and arguments, won't give up when loosing, inflexible, little tolerance for mistakes, may make rash decisions, demands loyalty, demanding, decides for others, knows everything, can't say sorry, may be right but unpopular.

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Flag as my Witness

This is one of my older blogs.
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I currently have 106 blogs posted there.

Here is "Flag as my Witness," from my mysapce. It turns out those who think we should ban flag burning hate freedom more than those who are burning the damn flag.

A while ago in my senior civics class we got to the subject of flag burning. Should people be allowed to burn the American Flag? If we said yes, then we move to the left side of the class room, if we said no, then we move to the right side of the class room. I normally sit at the right side of the class so I had to pick up all my stuff and migrate to the ever emptying seats of the left side. I settled down and looked around me. There were four other students on the left side, and they looked as if they were only over there because they didnt want to get up. In other words they were sleeping on the desks or had head phones on or something like that. But we were pretty much exposed compared to the other side of the class so Im sure some form of justice was involved in keeping them on that side.

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