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World news update with Steve-Ho 10/03/06 School schootings

Hello world thank you for reading my blogs today. America is under attack. Schools are being shot up across the county, is your kids safe in America schools? Today I’m going to be talking about the 3 school shootings that have happen in America in the last week. So why do you think America is on this shooting rage? Shoot first, Shoot next. Shoot again, then when people are all dead, shoot some more?

First off we are going to be taking a look at the Bailey Co. School shooting. The man that did this was a very sick indevntual. You know people there is help out there. If you mad at something or some one you should always talk to some one about it before you decide to start shooting. So here is the story I got from CNN. The gunman identified as Duane Morrison. Walked in to class room 206 fired a shot, took 6 girls hostage in a room. He later released 4 hostages. Kept the 2 girls in the room with him. He sexually molested all 6 of the girls he had in the room with him. After releasing the 4 girls and kept 2 in the room with him, he started making demands to the police and swat members out in the hallway beside the class room, First they had contact with Morrison, Later he started making demands though the hostages. He told the swat members something is going to happen at 4pm that day; he ended negations with swat at 3:30pm. At that time Swat decided to move in on Morrison and the 2 hostages. They used explosives to blow down the door and they moved in. Morrison shot at the swat members then shot at the 16 year old victim identified as Emily Keyes. Then Morrison used the gun on himself. The other hostage fled the building on foot. Emily Keyes was transported by Helicopter to St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver, where she died at 4:32 p.m. (6:32 p.m. ET), said hospital spokeswoman Bev Lilly.

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