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I am not wealthy, but can I contribute in some small way, either financially or otherwise, to help ensure your freedoms?

I am a Theist, but must say, with profound conviction, that your courage and honesty moves me deeply, to the core of my being, and ask for your help as to how I can help protect you from having to live in fear. In my book, your honesty and courage in expressing your rationally reached conclusions are far more valuable to humanity than the conclusions of those who threaten you; they are the ones who are living in hell already. I agree with you - there is no hell - except for those who hate and threaten others who do not agree with them. They are the ones who have created hell for themselves, and who would create it for all of us if they had the power to do so...PLEASE report all threats to the authorities.

I am not an atheist, but was deeply impressed by your honesty on NIGHTLINE and fully support you in your honesty.

Furthermore, I empathize with your convictions, and, although I am convinced that rational persons can come, rationally, to even opposite conclusions in all areas of human life/culture (not only regarding religion), feel that you are acting more honourably and decently than perhaps the majority of people do in publicly expressing your rationally, from your own experiences, openly propounded atheism. It is very sorrowful for me to hear that you have received obscene and threatening communications from not only irrational, but cruel - and, in the cases of death threats, criminal - persons. I am extremely grateful for your honesty, although, again, I myself am not an atheist.  Of the Russian Orthodox Faith, I surely feel that, if for no other reason but your most honourable honesty, you are to be admired far more than religious, agnostic or atheist individuals who do not speak out openly for what they have rationally concluded to be true. You have every right to express yourselves and I thank you for doing so. It is an ethical and moral abomintion when those who disagree with you send you obscenities and threats; it is an ethical an moral abomination that you must hide, to protect your very lives, in an unidentified, bunker-like studio.  I hope the day will come when you will be free to share your convictions without fear, and without facing threats.  Now, sadly, you cannot.  Still, I sincerely hope that the day will come when you can.  You have my deep respect and profoundest hopes that you will soon be free to be yourselves, to express yourselves freely, and to engage in dialogue both with those who share your views and with those who do not freely.Laughing

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