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Like this new logo?

 I've been working with a friend on a logo for the new website.  I've done tons of tweaking on this and really like where it's at.  I would like to know you're thoughts.  It might be more appropriate to refer to this as a header design for the site.




SOPA and PIPA bills affect RRS writers and readers

Rational Response Squad website and affiliate sites are in a black out on Jan 18 to draw attention to SOPA and PIPA which threatens our existence...

Have you noticed how some of our members like to cut and paste news articles for discussion on our forum?  Did you know that in many cases you're not supposed to do that?  Did you know that it's not always easy to tell if you can or can't because of tough to understand copyright rules and potential for fair use treatment since the post is being used for critique, parody, or criticism?  What do you think would happen if corporations and the government worked together to control the copyright problems on the internet?  

For the last few years some companies have been fighting for a bill that protects against online piracy.  They pushed for a bill to come along that they could support.  Many of those same people today are leading the charge against SOPA and PIPA which go too far, give the government too much control, put too much fear into the webmaster, and should put fear into everyone talking about anything on the internet. These rules would stifle internet development.  The next big thing will not happen, it'll cost too much in legal fees for the start up.  Only mega-corps will stand a chance at innovation.  

The new server has been purchased!

I recently updated the server fundraiser thread to ask for a few last minute donations because after a week of hits to the wallet I was only prepared to cover $5,000 of the $6,000 server I was about to buy.  I had almost $2,000 of unexpected expenses in the last week, half of which was a new computer, the one I'm typing this on.  The one that will make it all happen in the next 5 yrs.  I posted on the forum asking for help and got a $25 donation instantly.  I called my rep at Dell and worked some magic on him... some jedi secret atheist stuff... and he brought the final cost down to $5,000.  I did the Tebow!  

We should have it before Feb 1.  Not sure how long it'll take for us to get it up (hopefully by Feb 15), I do know that site building wont be anywhere near complete until March.  Much of the configuration is actually going to happen after we go online.  We'll be online before we're fully configured. 

Atheists rule the internet!

 Check out this video by Cult of Dusty in which he tears religion apart.  He talks about the inevitable end of Christianity and how the internet has caused religion to become a mocked and laughable idea.  The internet has made it possible to look religion up on a google search and find out that it is full of lies.  The internet has shown that atheism is the only logical position, and that using logic is a powerful weapon.

Cult of Dusty comes across like a cross between Christopher Hitchens, Penn Jillette, and George Carlin...


Merry Christ My Ass!

Jesus was simply a copy of other gods before him. If you accept the bible as true then you'd believe Jesus was born in the spring months. There is not enough historical proof of Jesus Christ in order to warrant belief in him. There isn't a single source or witness of his life that wrote about him within 30 years of his death. If he did exist, he was nothing more than an ordinary man, who might have been a narcissistic pot head. He probably didn't exist. And if that idea has you shaking your head in disbelief then you need to do more research. Do it.

Because of how similar his story is to other myths before him it leads one to believe that he likely was just another figment of our imagination. The feast and gathering that Christians enjoy on December 25th is a tradition based on a gathering celebrated by Pagans called Saturnalia. Today it makes more sense to celebrate a Winter Solstice, in which we gather with family and friends, enjoy the last harvest of the year, and unwind together as we prepare for a new season.

Please share this message of reality. Clarity and education is the best gift you can give on this day full of sharing.  

The God Who Wasn't There Movie on

Best New Hitchens like blogger of 2011 goes to Louis Cypher

We lost Christopher Hitchens last night.  Many of us have a feeling of emptiness today, we know how amazing he was.  Many of us have been influenced by his style, and because of this he will live on.  Because we read his books and use his arguments, quote him in arguments, and are influenced by him, he will live on.  Christopher Hitchens seems irreplaceable.  It's only in the strength of our collective voices do we consider the notion that we could possibly fill his shoes.  And we will try, this is obvious to us, all of us had a collective atheist head nod today.  We know we must pick up where he left off.  

Implosion at CFI Canada because of accomodationism vs confrontationalism

A blog was written today on the implosion of CFI Canada.  As long as we keep having these accomodationist vs confrontationalist arguments we will continue to have implosions. Frankly, it disgusts me that we have done this. I felt the wrath of the accomodationists when I was known for being a confrontationalist. I probably will still have the perception of being one. Even though I am creating a feel good project that supports all atheists.  I think I am a blend of both.  I hope you are too.  

Being able to adjust your method depending on who you interact with is a strong suit.  And if someone sees you are confrontational, why must they label you as always confrontational?  It is also highly hypocritical to be an accomodationalist but be confrontational on the issue of confrontationalists.  It's time for us to elevate our game.  This division has gone on long enough.  We must think critically and with reason.

There are two types of atheist groups

Wow Darrel Ray is brilliant. He nails it on "First generation leadership." Because of my type-a personality and my inability to trust easily I was unable to spot future dedicated activists when they aligned with me early in their activist "careers." Ashley Paramore and Shelley Mountjoy were by my side at the beginning. If I could have known to expand their leadership role early enough, they might have never needed to go become superstars elsewhere. 

Check this article out if you would like to learn more about how atheist groups function, and how we can improve them.



Two Types of Leadership in the Secular Movement

Buy on Amazon through these links to support online atheism!

Parent Claus is bringing the kids presents?  Don't want to hear O Holy Night while you shop for those gifts?  Want to help support online atheism while buying Grandmom a necklace for the Winter Solstice?  

Please shop at Amazon and they will help pay for our new server!  This really works and it's a huge help.  We are on the cusp of something great, help push us over the edge.  This is a great way to help the cause while buying stuff for yourself.  The customer service at Amazon is incredible, they won't let you down. 

My timeline on becoming atheist. What's yours?

I saw someone ask a facebook group to state when they became agnostic/atheist.  First of all, please feel free to answer the question yourself, in the comments below.  I responded, and then I expanded on it briefly for facebook.  After 30 minutes it's got a bunch of likes and comments, I realize it's a moving story to some and so I'll expand just a little more about it here.  But I also ask that anyone who has a similar story share it below.  I know I am not unique, religion has caused the destruction of millions of relationships over time.  

I was born an atheist,  at 5 I was sure God existed because I was told by the person I trusted the most that God existed.  As I learned about the bible and started to understand the world I became a little more agnostic on the idea and was an agnostic catholic at 8.  At 13 my mother decided the Catholic Church wasn't exciting enough and we joined a born again Christian Church, I was 13.  I said the special password prayer you need to say to let Jesus know you want in to heaven.  Literally, this was the argument and justification, say this prayer and you won't burn in hell, you'll go to heaven.  What 13 year old that still trusts his mother wouldn't do that?  I did it... I was an agnostic Born-again Christian.  I talked to Jesus at night before bed, and I tried to get my father on the proper path as well.  I was tortured over the thought of him going to hell.  

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