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I'm signing the petitions for the red states to secede from USA

There are some people from the red states that are currently having a public temper tantrum to secede from America.  Why not let them?  The red states are a drain.  They have higher rates of homicide, infant mortality, suicide, and unemployment.  They tend to take higher amounts of federal funds, they are less educated, less diverse, less tolerant, have a lower IQ, and are more religious.  

I'm all for embracing America, I believe we should try to work together rather than divide.  I would never propose a secession for my state when I am frustrated.  When George Bush won as a result of fraud and the Supreme Court selected him in another election you didn't see me proposing we secede.  I knew the damage he would cause, I was disgusted, I lived every day of those 8 years upset at who was in the White House.  I lived every day of those 8 years fearful of what he would do next and sad about the extreme damage he was causing to this country.  I did not propose a secession.  Instead I fought to inform the public.  And in doing so I'd like to believe that I played a very small role in ensuring that we have a better leader now.  Now it's their turn.  

Open letter to Christians against gay marriage

 I recently had an exchange with a Christian friend who was "disgusted" at the states that approved gay marriage.  He believes the people who voted for it are "disgraceful." Christian disapproval of gay marriage was the impetus behind this open letter that will hopefully open the eyes of a few of my Christian readers.

Marriage was initially created by men many years ago to control women, at a time much more archaic than the time we live in now.  It was created at a time that we would stone someone for being gay as well as for cursing at their parents.  Many things have changed in society since marriage was first created.  We now are able to traverse the planet to find a mate and no longer need to claim one within walking distance as our property.  Today marriage is viewed much differently… so is stoning.   In fact we are so far away from the original reasons behind the creation of marriage that nowadays it can feel like marriage is a means for women to control men.  

Indoctrinated home schooled girl refuses life in the kitchen and seeks education

The atheist community is firmly united in assisting a young girl who was brought up in a religious home that seeks to keep women uneducated and in the kitchen.  Despite her parents refusing to help in any way she has dedicated herself to getting an education and saving her siblings from the same fate.  Please "vote" for her essay about this to help her get a scholarship.  As of my writing of this blog post she has twice as many votes as the second place entry, let's keep it up!


In her essay she states:

Then, I would love to create a safe-house where children of religious homeschooling families can come to improve their lives and future and have hope.
From struggling with poverty, to being unable to get a job without a resume or employment history, and often a substandard education; the children of the Quiverfull movement have extreme challenges to overcome. A home like this would be a safe platform for them to transition into the world without being abandoned to struggle. Many of their parents wish this difficulty for their children, saying it will cause them to return and be content with the party line. I want to create a buffer for the pain parents cause when they shun and disinherit their children for religious reasons.
Because there are more of us every day, and so much pain and heartache.




Go vote for Obama!

This is an appeal to those not planning on voting. Please vote! When polled those who claim they are not voting, if they had to vote would vote Obama 3:2. You (the non-voter) are the biggest voting block. Go to the polls non-voters! 

"I can't promise you that your life will get better, easier under Barack Obama. I do think he cares and I know for sure that if the other guy is sitting in the Oval Office, I can guarantee you that not only will your life not get better, it will get much, much worse. Don't take my word for it. Just ask your parents what life was like before a 30-year pillage by the Republicans of the middle class. Your parents bought a house and eventually owned it outright. They weren't in debt. College was free. They bought a new car every 3 or 4 years. They took vacations and were home for dinner by 5 or 6 PM. They had a savings account in the bank. They didn't live in fear of not knowing if they'd even have a job next year.

That's all gone. I don't know if we can get it back, but I do know that Mr. Romney would love the chance to complete the final elimination of the middle class and the American Dream. " - Michael Moore

Read the entire appeal from Michael Moore to urge you to vote Obama.

Darden Restaurants practicing bad business to encourage Romney votes?

Darden Restaurants has gotten involved in politics. They claim they're testing an idea to reduce the amount of full time employees so they can avoid giving benefits that are required under Obamacare to full timers. Not only is their test unnecessary, it is presenting a dishonest viewpoint of how Obamacare works.

The Democrats (as usual) have done a horrible job explaining the benefits of Obamacare and answering the objections. While Obamacare isn't far reaching enough, it is abundantly better than the abundantly more expensive ER plan that Mitt Romney claims to back (even though he created an Obamacare-like plan in his state as Governor).

For companies like Darden that hope to reduce the amount of full time employees in an attempt to avoid giving benefits to full timers, they will be subject to a penalty. I work at a business in which we should have 4 full time workers at my position, but my company has always had 6-8 part time workers at the position to avoid providing benefits. As a result all of us are less informed and aren't as productive at our job as we could be. Obamacare fines businesses "that have workers who are not full-time employees, where a combination of employees working 120 hours per month (around 30 hours per week) count as one employee. "

David Siegel doesn't need to wait to lay people off...

 David Siegel of Westgate Resorts doesn't need to wait for Romney to get elected to start laying people off, he can start now. Plenty of people will boycott Westgate Resorts as a result of his ridiculously stupid and improper email.  He's a billionaire who clearly is so self absorbed he cares little of his employees who he strikes fear into in an attempt to coerce them to voting for Romney.  

These are the resorts you can start boycotting now:  No need for a timeshare with Westgate... why line this jerk-offs pockets?   


On Monday he sent an e-mail to all 7,000 employees of privately-held Westgate Resorts, many of them in the battleground state of Florida, warning them their jobs are at risk if the president is re-elected.
"The economy doesn't currently pose a threat to your job. What does threaten your job however, is another 4 years of the same Presidential administration," he said in the e-mail. source: CNN


David Siegel's self indulgent actions follow after he took credit for earning 2,000 votes for Bush in the 2000 election...


Rush Limbaugh supporters make me rant...

 Christians don't want their money going to contraception yet they wont fight to remove "In God We Trust" from the money that atheists must use. They wont ensure that atheists don't have to give their tax dollars to faith based spending groups. It doesn't even dawn on them that atheists might be offended at the notion that our tax dollars go to a faith based group.

They are out for self. They don't truly embrace their fellow man. They tend to be pro war, and pro death penalty. They are against YOU having an abortion even if you know you will not be able to provide a good life for your baby. They want you to have that baby even if it is the product of a rape. The money that you put into the pool to save their life is willingly accepted by them, the money that you might need to save your life is fought tooth and nail by them. About 20% of people are on contraception for health reasons not related to purposes of avoiding a pregnancy. They don't care.

Engaging in the Rush Limbaugh debate over the last few days shows me that many people support what he said. In fact they're more mad that he apologized than they are that he made dishonest arguments in a vile fashion. How many of the Rush Limbaugh supporters are disgusted at Rush and his perverted idea that he should be allowed to watch video of women having sex because they need contraception?

Theory of inherent dishonesty in theism

The theory of inherent dishonesty in theism can be seen whenever a theist defends belief in god.  The theory explains that while defending belief in god a theist must act ignorant dishonest or both.  

There has never been an honest and intelligent defense of theism.  This theory has been observed in every atheist/theist debate since the theory was originally coined around the year 2000.  This page will be updated if an argument arises on behalf of theism that is both honest and based on factual data.  If you think you've found an argument defending belief in god that is neither ignorant or dishonest please submit it via the contact form.

Please link to this page when referring to the theory of inherent dishonest in theism.




NBA players boycott viewers, we should boycott them.

When the NBA players went on strike and missed a portion of the 2011-2012 NBA season, I knew what I had to do.  But it's been hard.  My team (Sixers) are playing great, I would watch those games.  The NBA is full of excitement like Jeremy Lin breaking records and barriers.  The Thunder have young talent, the Heat are awesome to watch, and think of all the rooting against the Lakers I am missing out on.  The desire to watch is overwhelming me, yet my integrity and character instruct me to avoid these players who are out of touch. 
I tuned into a few NBA games, for a moment or two and every time I do I am overwhelmed by feelings of disgust as I watch these greedy self destructive men.  I still can't get over the fact that they insisted on 3% more in this type of economy (NBA Lockout 2011).  I can't get over that most of them came from nothing, that most of them know how important the game is to the communities they came from, and how they fought all their lives to play a game for a living, and refused to play it over a very small amount of money.  I can't get over the fact that they knew if they didn't play, and that if they took games away from the season they would end up with a smaller pool of money.  I can't get over their greed.  I can't get over their lack of humanity when they forced thousands of stadium employees out of work and to the unemployment line in this trying time.

Conflict among groundhogs, humans and myth.

 Groundhogs around the world are in an uproar as conflicting nonsense reports are issued by humans who pretend to believe that a Groundhog can predict seasons. (do they actually believe this shit?)  The original groundhog (Phil) indicates 6 more weeks to winter.  But some copy hogs don't agree. 


According to folklore, Phil’s sighting of his own shadow means there will be 6 more weeks of winter. Had Phil not seen his shadow, it would have meant “there will be an early spring.”



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