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Atheist in Church 6, Wedding Edition

I get a blog here too?! I have 106 blogs, usually very long in length, on myspace. My myspace blog is at , by the way.

I guess I should post some of them here... Maybe... Well, here's my lattest one as of... Now.
I have an "Atheist in Church" series. Here is episode 6, the Wedding edition.

Atheist in Church 6! At least... I think it's 6... Let me check. Yep, it's 6.
Atheist in Church 6! The wedding edition series addition.

So I filed for today off from work. My employer gave it to me. Good, because today was my cousin's wedding. Now, I know most of you picture cousins are being around the same age, but not for me. All my cousins are much older than me. I just (and I mean just) turned 18 and my cousin Erik is getting married four days later. And we are careful with who we marry in my family.

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