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My the landscape has changed.

 Has it been ten years since I created an account here?  Man, seems like a lifetime ago.


It has also been about a year since I posted anything at all.  That is the case for most of the people I interacted with on the forums as well.


I got curious last night and decided to check up on this slice of heathen heaven.  To my dismay, it is pretty much a ghost town.  Not a soul posting except the whack job that is Brian37 and an occassional dunderhead like EXC responding.  I saw the blog post from a few months ago by Vastet that said he was pretty much done here and I thought he left awhile back along with a majority of the old crew so, I was a bit shocked.  Can't say I am surprised overall at the state of this website, though.  Social media has created a vacuum that sucks up independent places like this and made them obsolete.  


I turned to Twitter after no longer posting here to bring my comedy, non-beliefs and other entropy-laced musings to the masses before being wtongfully banned after ten years without so much as a warning.  Facebook turned out to be more of a cesspool than I realized and the only social media platform I use now is Instagram which feels like I'm still kind of using FB due to them owning it.  After all that, I decided to launch a podcast which is still running today.  I interview artisans, brewmasters, music artists, etc.  Pretty cool so far.  Had its ups and downs, though, and still does.


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What does life mean?

Maybe its because my station in life right now has hit its lowest possible point in recent memory.  Maybe its because my future is terrifyingly uncertain and downright scary in the present.  Hell, maybe its because everyone I seem to have ever known is doing even a little better than me despite my best endeavors.  Sure, argue semantics about things could be worse and its all a matter of perspective as to how you see" doing better in life."  It's all relative, sure, but as time goes on, I realize that all my ideals have gotten me in a stagnant reality.  What's it matter if I don't believe in a god?  I'm alienated and looked at differently by those that do believe seeing a missing piece of the human condition being forcibly removed like a faulty computer chip by a mad doctor.  Of course those that don't believe see what I've done as a necessary recall to rectify bloatware, but the end game of that has made little impact on our overall social evolution; news stories and current global conflicts remind me of that daily.  What's it matter if I don't believe in the economy?  Everyone loves the almighty dollar and it won't go away, at least not some form of it, until the human race is eventually erased by time.  What's it matter if I believe in a social redesign or resource based economy?  The masses of denial, instant gratification and self-preservation is too pervasive to warrant a full on mass awakening as naive as I am to think that and those that join my thought process are too weak to cause a dramatic shove

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Dire times...AGAIN.

I'm laid off.  Again.  I hate life right now and it's justified because of how badly I got fucked in losing this job.  The people involved didn't care, they didn't listen, they were incredibly unprofessional, massive miscommunication, sexist (all female staff) and the site I was working at was a sinking ship where corporate turned a blind eye.  I was set up to fail from the get-go, but I held on because I really needed the cash.  I did my job the best I could and tried to make sure my kids had a fun environment.  Sometimes, though, that's just not enough.


I had a brief angry moment, but I realized that I'm better off without those fucks and I'm looking to move onto a place where I'm much better appreciated and paid better because we weren't paid nearly as well as we should have been.  I say "we" because I got really friendly with the kinder teacher and this job is essential for her right now due to a really really fucked up year.  Husband turned to drugs, stole all her kid's stuff and basically raped her soul after twelve years of marriage.  Really sad.  We got pretty close and she takes so much shit at this place it's astounding, but she has to hang with it for the same reason that I had to.  She does things the site director and site supervisor should be doing, the higher ups leave early and we didn't get what we needed. 


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Suffer the little children, someone just shoot me.

Greetings, ungodly ones.  Your lovable pal is back.  Now, before you start standing in line waiting to suck me off or lick my face from being so happy to see me, let me get in a word edgewise. 


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What an ungodly year. Oh, hey there!

 So, I see the old RRS is still alive and kicking!..........well, ALIVE anyway.


How's all my heathen brethren?  Still spreading the word of total dismissal of higher powers?  The expulsion of divinity?  The unapologetic bashing of zealotry?  Are the sodomite Catholic priests still keen to buggering children with their disgusting scepters of pedophilic invasion?  As for the RRS members is that Nony guy still hating on the Jews?  Brian37 still talk in a mishmash of word vomit that passively ignores people while satisfying his own string of non sequitur?  Is Beyond Saving still a hard-headed sack of political rebuttal that borders on stone age progression of the human mind and innovation?  Silly me, of course all that is still going on and those people are all the same.  I wouldn't have it any other way.


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Greetings From the Negative Zone! (Homecoming)

 I'm back, ladies and germs...


...and a bit premature, but it's cool.


I got word from the other side that I would be returning home within two weeks and I had to settle up here, gather my reports, etc.  Yeah, I had to really scramble for my trip.


So, first off, I had to go thank all the dignitaries for their hospitality.  They thanked me for being so friendly to their culture and not causing any trouble.  Also, for soaking up as much intel as possible so that others could know about this place and maybe learn a thing or two.  They told me they know their way of life isn't perfect, but they live in a tolerant and mostly rational society.  Sure, they have their problems, but what social order doesn't to some degree?  I told them that I look at them and see a potential future for America if we pull our heads out of our asses.  I said I'm not very optimistic and things look very bleak, whether we're religious or not and politically active or not.


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Greetings From the Negative Zone! (Election Day Special)

Well, it's certainly been very interesting lately in this place.  The people have pretty much accepted me without going through a thorough background check or asking me a lot of questions.  They just seem to amalgamate anything and everything that seems non-threatening.  Granted, I was KICKED through the temporal nexus so to speak that brought me here, but we're just splitting hairs at this point. 


So, yes, I  hope everything has been good for the rest of you.  To those mocking my experience in this place as a bad acid trip, you can go fuck yourselves.  Thank you.  Now then, I know I haven't been updating at all or lurking around here, but I've been busy with some dignitaries here and they recently invited me to one of their "Civil Commons" gatherings which is what I think we should call ours if such a thing existed in politics today.  No, what WE have is arrogance, greed, lobbyists, Wall Street banksters and liars.  Ain't America grand? 


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Greetings From the Negative Zone!

*Gets kicked through the portal* 

*dusts self off*  

Shit, at least they could have gently shoved instead of being practically militant-stomped into this UNKNOWN WORLD full of POSSIBLY DANGEROUS BEINGS, not to mention UNSTABLE LAWS OF PHYSICS.  If they wanted this place traversed so badly, they could have sent a fucking homeless guy or a prostitute or an Asian kid or----

Guess I was thinking out loud again.  Yeah, it's your old esoteric, grumpy, overall pain in the royal ass of a pessimist and grammar nazi Sage.  If you hadn't guessed by now, I'm in kind of a sticky situation.  Awhile back, I involuntarily became part of a very hush-hush operation involving the exploration of a recent tear in the universe located due north of (LOCATION REMOVED) in a place called (LOCATION REMOVED).  Long story short, I woke up one day and heard a knock at my door.  I opened it and there were two well-dressed chaps holding papers up for me to sign explaining almost nothing as to why they were there.  Lucky for them, this year has been nothing short of awful with almost nothing going on whatsoever so, I signed the documents without reading them, they took me into their sleek nothing-conspicuous-about-this-at-all black Oldsmobile and away I went.  We didn't really move per se; we just...arrived.  I threw up.  One of them handed me a towel.

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CISPA = Game Over.

I've been saying ever since SOPA and PIPA were taken off the docket that we will see a return in some form.  We won't know when and we won't know how, but it will be back.  A lot of people knew and we were fearing the day that a manifestation would rear it's ugly head and threaten to infiltrate our online privacy and slit it's proverbial throat.  Behold your harbinger, your ruin, your reason to seethe hatred and bid farewell to the last bastion of anonymity: CISPA has risen.


We had no vote on this matter, we were not informed of it's existence and we were not alerted that it would be voted on without our consent.  Our government has pulled the carpet right out from under us AGAIN and everyone will just let it happen and act as if we still have anything regarding liberty or freedom left in this shallow husk of a country.  If SOPA and PIPA were the WMDs that we successfully diffused, then CISPA is the "Tsar Bomba" that couldn't be reached in time.


We'll all feel the fall out from this soon; count on it.      


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Mad Men Musings.

I'm not sure how many of you are avid show watchers on cable or what types of movies you all fancy, but I like to think I'm pretty diverse as to what I check out and try to give everything a chance.  The latest shows I've been keeping track of has been Sons of Anarchy, Weeds, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Fringe, American Pickers, Pawn Stars and Game of Thrones.  Right now, most of these shows are either in production for the next season, extending their launch times for a new episode or they are in negotiations to see if they'll be given the green light for an additional run so, I've been looking for a decent show that has been getting praise from audiences as being really solid in storytelling, plot and originality among other characteristics.

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