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Theism Has Its Place

Theism has its place.

Theism has its place. Take the Mormon religion (I think it’s particularly kickass). Its people are happy and kind to others. They’re taught to be not fight, not to kill. They’re taught not to be selfish, not to be greedy. They’re taught to be loyal, they’re taught to be good mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. They are taught, in general, to be love everyone as much as they love themselves. They are taught to be clean, to work hard, and to be honest.

What is wrong with this? Morals given and a reason to follow them, sounds good to me even if I didn’t think the doctrine was true, even if I didn’t think God existed.

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"Don't Pray In Our School & I Won't Think In Your Church"

"Don't Pray In Our School & I Won't Think In Your Church"

How can you stop some one from praying? That's like stopping some one from "swearing" in their mind. It doesn't bother anyone or make anyone feel better except themselves. Now, if you force your class to pray, then that's like forcing them to "swear".

Most everyone has words that offend them. For some it's a religious word. For some it's a sexual word.

Personally, I'm not going to stop anyone from saying anything. You can say your words and I'll say mine.

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A short background

Well, I’ll tell you a quick story:

Last Saturday, I walked into 24-Hour Mexican food joint in Idaho. As I entered I heard a few hicks share a few comments about me with a few words that (I assume) were meant to be diminutives. As I walked past them again on my way out, I could tell they wanted a fight by the way they were half-whispering (half-yelling) words like “queer”. So as I opened the door for my friend, I turned to their table, waited for their attention, and then I pointed and winked at them.

As me and my friend were walking to the car (laughing quite boisterously) three of them came running out after us, but they were all talk. So I just gave them a little finger-twittling wave as I stepped into the car.

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