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My Beef When It Comes to Anonymous vs Scientology

Scientology is awful! Why not help Anonymous in their current mission to dissolve the church?

It's a matter of mutually exclusive goals and perspectives. My problem with the 'church' of Scientology is an ethical one; Scientology is not a religion of any sort, it's an organized criminal syndicate intent of accumulating vast sums of wealth & power through the subversion of freedom of speech via information control & intelligence gathering. Anonymous's problem with Scientology is that it's a competitive body.

How dare you say that! The only thing most of the protestors at Anonymous rallies want is to protect freedom of speech!

And the only thing most members of the church of Scientology want is to rid the world of pain and achieve a utopian state. In both cases, the motives and desires of the flock are irrelevant, as it is the aims of the core membership/leadership that will direct their behavior.

And, no - the motives of those behind the 'chanology' movement is not to protect your freedom of speech.

What do you know about Project Chanology, anyway?

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Screaming to the Heavens

Engaged with theists as I may occassionally be, I must confess:

At the end of the day, the foundation of my demand for skepticism and rational discourse has been built in the face of people like this:


While they may not be as directly dangerous as certain theistic groups may be (that means you, Muslims!), UFOlogists threaten the image of astronomy and, in cases where it bleeds into other conspiracy junk, science as a whole by marrying it to psuedo-scientific methods of 'study'. They prop-up the old stereotype of the mad scientist, essentially assuring that it will always be present in the public eye as a real tenet of the actual field itself, and immediately weakening the credibility of organizations like SETI that practice legitimate attempts at finding / contacting other civilizations that may be out wandering in the void.

These absolute imbeciles and manipulators take advantage of people who (like myself) have episodes of sleep paralysis in order to harvest testimonials toward their cause, unfairly masquerade as legitimate psychiatrists in order to reinforce the hallucinations some people have attempted to get treatment for and charge some of the most poorly funded and understood institutes of science, like NASA and SETI, with being involved in a malicious conspiracy.


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