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No Faith in Science

I have faith (pun intended) that at some point in his studies, Paul Davies has held a dictionary in his hands, and possibly even opened it. These days, it’s even less cumbersome with the advent of online dictionaries and the added benefit of providing multiple sources from which one can gain a better understanding of a particular word. In order to correct the compilation of fallacies presented in this piece, we need to start at the beginning—definitions.


From the Compact Oxford English Dictionary, “faith” is defined as: complete trust or confidence, strong belief in a religion, or a system of religious beliefFrom, it is defined as: confidence or trust in a person or thing; belief that is not based on proof; belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion; belief in anything, as a code of ethics, standards of merit, etc.; a system of religious belief; the obligation of loyalty or fidelity to a person, promise, engagement, etc.; the observance of this obligation; fidelity to one's promise, oath, allegiance, etc.

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An FYI for Feedburner subscribers...

Sorry to confuse everybody, but I am not going to be using feedburner anymore, so if you subscribed through feedburner, it will automatically redirect you to this blog for three more weeks. After that, it will disappear from the blogosphere, so make sure you subscribe through this site. The links are at the bottom.

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali Security Trust

I received an email from Sam Harris today urging everybody to pledge money to help support Ayaan Hirsi Ali's security detail. Due to the threat on her life, she has 24 hour a day guards and the cost is financially prohibitive. This is an important project to support in order to ensure the protection of the world's most prominent opponent of Islamic fundamentalism. If you are unaware of her work, here is a video playlist of many of her public appearances.

Kudos to Sam Harris for setting this up and spreading the word about this inspiring woman. We'll be making our donation soon. The important details are below as reposted from this page of Sam's website:

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Two Confused People Discuss Atheism

First of all, to those of you who have been reading this blog regularly, I apologize for repeatedly writing about Dinesh D’Souza. This is occurring for multiple reasons: he’s the only person who’s promoting his biased agenda with actual fervency (which includes frequent articles or blog posts), and I was specifically asked by Ken Bronstein from NYC Atheists to continue deconstructing his propaganda. It’s like being stuck between a rock and a hard-head…oh, I meant hard place

I must confess that I haven’t yet watched this televised discussion, although I plan to, because I would like to get this written, at least preliminarily, before suffering the inevitable loss of neurons that will occur when I watch their mutually masturbatory misinformation session. Thankfully, it was only broadcast on The 700 Club, so they were preaching to an audience that has already been tainted by this type of nonsense.

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Request for assistance

Hey folks,

I need some help finding articles for my massive blogathon (future book and movie) in which I'm responding to as many leading theists as I can in one year through my blog. If anybody sees anything that you think I should respond to, please submit it in this thread.

Types of stories I need:

  • Major print media (hopefully with an online link as well)
  • Author of article should be a well known theist, or at the minimum a frequent theist writer, preferably leaders of orgs, thinktanks, or pundits.
  • Most preferable articles are op-eds posted in papers that are likely to reprint my rebuttal. (the less conservative the publication, the better)
  • If you read a story that is printed in the paper and it is not available online, please scan the article and send me the scan via email: Kelly aT __

Other things you can do to help:

  • Subscribe to my blog feed.
  • Compile a list of email addresses to major newspapers for op-ed submission. I promise to share this list with a bunch of important atheist authors.
  • Scoping the online newspaper sites of the most liberal or diverse papers in the world, compiling pertinent email addresses to send our pieces to, and send those addresses to us via email.
  • Repost my writings anywhere you want, please just link to my original on this site.
  • Use services like Reddit, Digg, and Stumbleupon to promote my blog posts throughout the year.
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Georgia Governor Angers the One True God by Praying to Yahweh for Rain

Rational Response Squad News Service
Associated Atheist Press
Staff Writer: Bizarro Kelly Sapient

Mon Nov 19, 1:04 PM ET
Atlanta, GA - It's completely obvious that the damage caused by rainstorms in drought-stricken Georgia was caused by their blatant blasphemous beseeching of Yahweh--another one of those false ancient deities--for rain. Witnesses at Governor Sonny Perdue's prayer service reported that he seemed completely unaware that if Yahweh did exist, his bible specifically calls those who pray in public hypocrites. (Mat 6:5-9).

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Secular Fundamentalists: There is no such thing...and the AAI conference doesn’t make atheism a movement, either.

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One of the methods used by the religious to marginalize atheists and our increasing visibility is to accuse us of becoming that which we originally opposed, or in other words, just like them. It’s even better if they have the convenience of one experience with these so-called “secular fundamentalists” from which they can draw unfounded conclusions as to the validity of this argument and, ultimately, the character of all those who have no belief in gods, goddesses, or other mythical creatures.

This is the route taken by Michael Brendan Dougherty in the November issue of The American Conservative. His article, entitled “Secular Fundamentalists: Can atheists form a movement around shared disbelief”, uses this year’s Atheist Alliance International convention as fodder for his clumsy attempt to represent atheism as a new phenomenon comprised of the dogmatically anti-religious.

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D'Souza - Nothing to Refute Here


Kelly responds to Dinesh D'Souza and his "What atheists Kant refute" drivel.

Digg Kelly's Response - Reddit Article

The question of the nature of reality is one that likely will never go away. There will always be those who support the belief that this mysterious “something” exists, and there will be those on the opposing side. We must work with the tools available to us, and those just happen to be limited to our five innate senses and the knowledge that we have gained through science and reason.

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News story from Belgium that further demonstrates the idiocy of Islam


A Belgian anesthetist has filed a complaint against a Muslim who blocked him from entering the operating theatre where his wife was to undergo emergency surgery.

The woman was operated with the male doctor shouting instructions from a hallway to a female nurse

Doctor Philippe Becx from Bree, Belgium, was called to the hospital in the middle of the night because a woman had to undergo an emergeny caesarean section.

However, her husband blocked the door and demanded a female anesthetist. The latter was unavailable.

After a two-hour discussion proved fruitless, an imam was summoned. The imam permitted the doctor to apply an epidural injection, but only if the woman was fully covered with only a small area of skin showing.

During the surgery itself, performed by a female gynecologist, the anesthetist was to remain in the hallway. Through a door that was slightly ajar, he shouted instructions to a nurse who was monitoring the anesthesia.

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Dinesh D'Souza's ridiculous op-ed in USA Today

Here's the link to the original article and below is my response. Enjoy. Bump my response on reddit. Digg me on Digg.

Anybody who has ever perused the "Religion" section of the local bookstore has undoubtedly seen that the sheer volume of available apologetics material is most certainly not in danger of being over taken by the comparatively miniscule, if even present, section of books on atheism. That notwithstanding, the response from believers to books like Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion or Christopher Hitchens' God Is Not Great has been so vociferous that one would think that it was in imminent peril. As much as I would relish that notion, it is apparent that instead of diminishing, it is in fact increasing--with new names, albeit old arguments.

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