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(probably) Final blog entry: Borat Movie Soundtrack sale

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Aftermath: ten potent reasons to hate Christmas/giftmas/xmas/etc...

  1. You(I) are an introvert
  2. You(I) are coerced OR outright forced to deal with relatives you'd rather have little to do with
  3. You don't care for these pointless, highly kitsch "cards" you receive and are expected to give a shit about
  4. Don't care for the trinkets people give you that you are expected to give a shit about
  5. You have something much more fun and rewarding to do with your time
  6. You'd rather NOT have a winter holiday locally as opposed to... say, in Calgary or Bahamas
  7. You don't like how commercialized many holidays like giftmas have become
  8. You don't care for how disingenuous/facade-like "family friendly" holidays like giftmas have become
  9. You don't need the stress of travel arrangements, gift ideas, contacting long distance relatives, finding a convenient spot to gather at, work parties, and the like
  10. BAH HUMBUG! (all of the above)

There ya have it folks, my top 10 reasons why I tire of such "holidays" meant to somehow promote "(Christian) charity and good will towards men"... from my PoV, they do the exact opposite.

I'm sure the same is, at least, partially true of most of the people posting to RRS. Yea? Nea? And (most importantly) why? Respond here!

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How masturbation improves mental health

Shamelessly ripped from: http://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-topics/sex-101/masturbation-23901.htm : because I'm too much of a lazy fag and do my own fucking research on this.

Planned fucking Parenthood wrote:

Masturbation at a Glance

  • Masturbation is commonly defined as touching one’s own body, including sex organs, for sexual pleasure.
  • Masturbation is a common and safe kind of sex play.
  • Masturbation has many health benefits.

For many of us, masturbation is a taboo topic. There are many harmful myths about masturbation that may cause us to feel uncomfortable about it. These myths can cause guilt, shame, and fear.

Let’s get the facts straight. Masturbation is a natural and common activity for both women and men. Here are some common questions people ask about masturbation. We hope you find the answers helpful.

Masturbation is commonly defined as touching one’s own body, including sex organs, for sexual pleasure.

There are many slang terms for masturbation, including

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Adobe is now officially anti-consumer

Their latest schlockwave update removed my flashblock plugin.


Be sure and share your thoughts on this.

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Natural... why so serious? :p

I'm still trying to figure that out, you dirty double liar...

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*COUGH*... anyone else notice these poppin up around RRS in the Islam-related threads???

OH COME ON, GUYS! There's gotta be a few takers in a crowd full of atheists and antitheists! What... you all have sumtin' against Saucy Islamic Babes?

(I'm kinda leaning more towards International Kat Houses and Oriental mail-to-order brides, myself...  )

And now time for a lolcat:

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Ok... so this blogpost is a FAIL

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I require the secret of Hammy's Intellect.

"I've come a long way for the power of sheer genius... and what do I find?"

"A weakling human, an atheist boy, and a woman ."

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So ummm... why does answers in gene simmons think I have Schizoaffective Disorder?

I'm curious...

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Hey! Clockcat's back! Can I ask you a pervy question?

RE:Deep South and stereotypes about where gaybashings happen

Are you afraid you might meet a certain 26-year old perv who wants to test out his "Alpha male" (bi)sexuality on a potential SUBMISSIVE?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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