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I have decided

Based on the evidence I have searched out - from BOTH sides. I believe the existance of the judeo christian god to be scientificly improbable. And logicly impossible. Therfor unless imperical evidence is placed in front of me or found by me to prove otherwise I do not believe in the existance of the Judeo Christian god. I will add this to the list of other gods I believe it is highly improbable they exist. Most of these gods can be found http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/index.php.

This makes me athiestic in my views - not to be mistaken with strong athiesism which would indicate I think its impossible for god to exist.

fact or faith

I have spent the last few hours reading varies debates on diffrent sites - some asserting that Darwinism is faith based and that people need to see this.

It dawned on me - I am not a scientist - I have only basic knowledge of science and I am not inteligant enough ( or is it that I dont have enough time ) to fully grasp many of the concepts.

It also was countered with - I have never read the bible - why - well because it boores the hell out of me and I think its a waste of time.

If I were to assert at this moment - I believe evoltion is a valid scientific therory - I would indeed be making this statement of faith - because I have never read it - I have never educated myself on this subject more than reading cliff notes are getting the gist of it. Or just listening to some one else tell me.

Not sure what I believe

Alright so possibly a blog to introduce myself.

I am not an athiest but I am also not sure I am a christian any more. So I am caught some where in the middle. So I guess you could say I am agnostic ( I had to look that up ).

I had long ago decided organized religian was a bad thing. I had long ago decided that the bible was not to be taken littrally but as a guide line. Mind you I had never read the bible. I had however read the little children version front to back. The one full of great stories of moral high ground. I always questioned that was in my nature.

I came from a religiouse house hold but my parents were by no means model citizens. My dad would go out drinking and doing drugs friday night and saturday night and beat up my mom and then sunday we went to church. The older I got the more rediculouse this seemed. One day our pastor was arrested for molesting a child. I think that might have been the day I decided organized religian wasnt for me.

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