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I'm taking over the RRS !

Join me for the next few weeks as I'll be taking over the RRS's on friday night ! The shows are at 8-9:30 est (5-6:30 pst). I'll be discussing a variety of topics ranging from "The importance of diversity in atheism" to "Solipsism and why I don't care." The show will be live and you'll be able to submit questions to me in the chat room.  Or post them here in this thread if you like.  

You'll be able to see the show live by visiting http://stickam.com/profile/sapient.

  • Friday Jan 25 --8pm est, 5 pm pst
  • Fri Feb 1 --8pm est, 5 pm pst
  • Fri Feb 8 --8pm est, 5 pm pst
  • Fri Feb 15  --8pm est, 5 pm pst

So come join me this Friday, as I put on my dusty show host hat once more!

check out the atheist message board that built the RRS here http://www.atheistnetwork.com

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