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Humans are the only species where the female continues to have engorged breasts even when they are not pregnant. A popular line of thought is that evolution has produced this effect as an aesthetic mating rite. The thought is that men like women's breast because the pair of breast come together and look like a woman's butt. Alternatively, there is a line of thought that a woman who has large breast gives the impression of being able to bear lots of children and produce lots of milk.

However, observation depicts a totally different scenario.

I woman who is in good physical condition generally has an upper body that is not totally dissimilar to a man who is in good physical condition. This is very indicative of sociological processes and traditions taking place.

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they are too young

Parents often complain that their children are so irresponsible. Yet when that same child assumes any form of responsibility, those same parents claim that they are too young to take on responsibility.

A fourteen-year old girl that goes out and comes home pregnant. "She's too young to have babies!" Appearantly, nature doesn't think so.

There was once a time when children were expected to be responsible for their behaviour. There was once a time when a thirteen- or fourteen-year old girl was expected to be married, and to be responsible for the household and raising of children. In some cultures, that is still the case.

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making contact

When the British occupation of India began, the English soldiers that traveled there were shocked by the lack of Christian shame and the "immoral" practices of the Hindu heathens. Displays of affection were openly displayed in public settings. Sexuality was promoted. To those religious officers in the Queens army, India was the center of licentiousness and depravity.

By the time that the occupation was finally ended, there had been a major shift in Hindu consciousness. The British soldiers had forced social standards on the Hindu populace. Where a couple might walk down the street playfully fondling each other before, they would walk as though seperated by a moving wall.

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Shit! Fuck! Damn you!

Why are they called curse, or "cuss" words?

Once upon a time, they were considered to be actual curses. If you uttered a word forcefully, and you had the power, then you might actually succeed in laying that curse. During the seventeenth-century, it was words and phrases like these that caused women to be burned at the stake for witchcraft.

Today they are merely considered profain. To speak them in front of women and children is still considered to be harmful, somehow, in some significant way, in some circles. Yet for the most part, they are terms of profanity.

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How do you know?

I am quite well read, and have studied and researched many subjects. It is quite rare that I enter into a conversation or debate without bringing long and detailed arguments and opinions into play.

It is therefore inevitable that I am asked how I know what I know. In many cases, arguments have been posed against me based on the fact that my information has come from other sources, which then amounts to hearsay.

In the area of religion, for instance. I might argue that the Christian believes in the words of people who wrote them centuries ago. I say that this is hearsay and such material is invalid. The opposition argues that all the information that I hold to be valid was also penned by men. The fact that I have never personally gone to the center of our milky way galaxy and observed the massive black hole invalidates the proposition that a massive black hold resides there.

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Why Christianity?

It is quite frequently asked of me why I spend so much time and effort combating Christianity rather than the multitude of other religions that are out there. The answer has always been because Christianity is the dominate religion in this part of the world and therefore it has an impact upon my daily life.

You have to ponder why this is so. How did a little cult system in Imperial Rome become the dominant religion in the western world?

Constantine proclaimed that he had a vision in which the savior-hero of Pauline Christianity spoke to him. Thus he established Pauline Christianity symbolised by the cross as the central belief system of his empire.

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orgasms are bad but mutilation isn't?

The argument goes something like this: it is wrong to subject children to information about sexuality or to engage them in sexual activity, yet it is perfectly acceptable to take an infant male and mutilate his penis.

It was Queen Elizabeth that first presented the idea that there should be an age at which children should be kept from sexual activity. The reasoning had little to do with ideas of protecting the child from harm and nothing whatsoever to do with morality. The law was set forth to protect a fathers property so that he could obtain a good price when he sold his daughter into marriage. Thus the age of consent was set at ten, since girls were often sold into marriage when they reached the age of eleven.

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Moral absolutism and relativity, the argument

In ancient times, the pantheons of gods allowed members of a populace the ability to chose lifestyle modes that suited them. If you chose not to follow the dictates of Zeus, for instance, you could always move to paying homage to Poseidon. It was merely a matter of moving from one temple to another.

The rise of Christianity in the west changed all that. No longer was there a choice between what lifestyle or ideology one could follow. Suddenly, there was but one value-laden system, and you had to follow it or die.

By the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when the protestant church had successfully broke off from it's catholic forebear and lead the way for the rise of deism and atheism, alternative schools of thought on many subjects began to proliferate. Thus began the battles over values and ideals.

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