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Guys and Dolls

In these days of political correctness, it is considered anathema to suggest that there are more differences between males and females than just genitalia. The field of evolutionary psychology has been criticized heavily for every hypothesis that supports such a contention.

Look to a children's show for depicting some obvious behavioural differences between the sexes.

In one episode of The Backyardigans, the three male characters were engaged in play where they were pretending to be heroes in Hawaii. They called themselves "the Luau Brothers" and were enjoying the beach and the sands when they heard something coming from a nearby cave. Inside they encountered the two females, who had dubbed themselves "the Volcano sisters".

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Ahhh, the holidays

Holidays stink! Work stops, and everyone expects a major outpouring of consumer rewards expressing love and affection.

Most holidays are born of religious traditions and inclinations. Thanksgiving, for instance, holds the idea of thanking a deity as a dominate part of a feast. Born of a nationalistic attitude of being thankful for a new land to conquer, the thanks are given to a particular cultures god.

I do not celebrate any holiday, except maybe National Eat A Banana Day, because everything that is behind the holidays is absolutely meaningless to me.

I also do not believe in the idea of buying presents in abundance to give to a person on a specific day. If I see something in a store that looks like something that someone I love would like, I do something that might seem a little odd. I buy it for that person, if I have enough money, then give it to them. No holding onto it, no hiding it.

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What if we are wrong?

Christians tend to believe that believing matters quite a bit. In fact, they have a tendency to announce how very much their beliefs influence their behaviour for the better. A classic argument against atheism suggest that, if the atheist is wrong, then there will be hell to pay, but if the christian is wrong, it is no big deal. The atheist will have ruined his afterlife, but the christian won't have ruined anything.


There is quite a bit wrong with this argument. If the atheist is wrong, then there will be a need for the Christian god to explain why his message was so muddled that no rational person could possibly comprehend it. However, if the christian is wrong, then they will have completely ruined there only life, as well as the lives of their children and many of those around them.

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Church of Atheism

There are, like, two churches of atheism here in Texas that I know of. I have often considered this to be rather absurd. I mean, what would a preacher of atheism have to preach on? Is there a holy textbook telling what the nongod dictates to the unbeliever?

However, I do understand a certain amount of the reasoning behind opening a church of atheism. The general populace of the United States seems to hold that only those who adhere to some sort of religion have rights in the US. They then state that everyone must believe in some sort of "higher power". They then afford no legitimacy to those things spoken by someone who does not profess some sort of religious belief.

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Intelligence and being intelligently designed

Humans generally consider humans to be rather intelligent, at least by human standards. This is primarily because the standard is set by humans.

Looking at this, we can see that computers were designed by our human intelligence. All computers that are manufactured and marketed by a company run by humans tend to process data in exactly the same fashion. This enables us to create programs that work the same on all systems.

Looking at humans, however, we find that all humans do not process information the same way. Many cannot even follow simple directions on the highway. There is a great deal of diversity in the way that humans think about things, and many different ways of interpreting data.

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Lock and Load

Why are there so many laws keeping honest people away from guns and attempts to avert ownership of guns in the U.S.? Could it possibly be that the U.S. government wants citizens that are wholly reliant on the government to protect them?

Gun control laws do not prevent people from obtaining and carrying guns. They do allow people who fear the retribution of governing authorities into victims of those who do not. As a rule, someone who wishes to go out and shoot someone doesn't want that person to potentially shoot them. They want unarmed victims. Thus, someone who is armed and ready will be more able to fight back against a potential murderer than someone who isn't.

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Grocery store incident

There was a minor incident at a local grocery store here recently.

As the Hallows Eve holiday approaches, people are beginning to hold costume parties and wear their costumes around town. As he was returning from one such affair, one consumer stopped off to pick up a few groceries. Instead he was forced to submit to the illiberality of a store employee.

He was told to leave because of his costume, which the employee did not like.

Now, mind you, I learned of this from second-hand sources, so I can only roughly imagine how events transpired. However, were such a thing to happen to me, I know that I would have demanded an audience with the management.

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13 lunar months

There are 13 lunar months in one solar year on earth. Yet our calender was fixed to work out of 12. Why?

The reason for this is the same reason that all savior-hero christ figures have 12 disciples. It all comes from Babylonian cosmology and the 12 signs of the Babylonian zodiac. The Christ of the Christian bible, as well as every Christ in every culture around the world that I know of, has 1 disciple for every sign of the zodiac. When our calender was initiated, it was decided to accept a model that worked out the same way, accepting one month for every sign of the zodiac.

Perhaps it is time to work towards a more sensible calender framework, but I fear that it is much to late for that. Thus, we are stuck in senselessness.

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Hospital Expenses

Hospitals don't compete for your business. As a general rule, you don't even think about which hospital you are going to when you get sick or injured. In many events, you aren't even conscious to make such a decision.

Therefore, hospitals are given to believe that they are able to demand any amount of payment they wish. If they had to compete for your dollars, they would have to place limits on how much they charged. The lack of competition, however, means that they can basically charge whatever they feel like.

Insurance companies often oppose many of the charges that are incorporated on the hospital bill. Even personal doctors often attempt to impose charges unnecessarily, and insurance companies look warily for extraneous surcharges that are inconsistant with the needed treatment.

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Mindrape in education

Authoritarian systems of dominance and control. That is what the educational system is all about. Learn to submit, learn to yield, learn how to be controlled.

In the classroom of any school, children are forced to sit quietly and listen to the dominant authority, the teacher. This authority provides them with both questions and answers, and children are forced to accept both. Dominance, control, submission.

At home, the situation is the same. Parents have placed their children in the role that they were in when they were children, and the cycle continues. Dominance, control, submission.

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