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Over Rated, Over Priced and not Amusing

I've lived in Florida for over four decades now. I've been one of those people, who when a weee-lad, visited Disneyworld almost on a monthly basis. I also spent many times at the park due to school, corporate or a family function (such as a wedding) over the past three decades.

It was always enjoyable until the 1990's when Disney took on a different shape as a company. Long gone where the feeling of "family" and "amusement park". Instead, Disney took on the form of a money making cash cow (or I should say mouse) instead of the high quality I found from my youth.

I see too many high paid executives who suck up the money and give nothing positive in return. Then during the days of Michael Eisner (who I feel was the worst CEO of all time) started Disney down a path to which it has never escaped.

Now they raise the prices, yet again, and for what?

My family was there just a few weeks ago and the lines were so packed that they didn't get to see any thing new. Also, the park seemed to be over worked with employees being less than cheerful or happy to assist.

I hate it. The only thing worth while is the relationship they had with Pixar but thankfully Pixar was able to escape from their stink and not be corrupted.


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I was flipping through the channels last night and I stumbled on this special for Discovery. It looked legit so I pulled up the menu.

"Mermaid: The Body Found"

WTF? Really? A "mermaid"?

I watched a few more minutes when they showed a video of the "mermaid".

Holy fucking shit. Are they kidding me? The CGI looked like a 4 year old did it. Really? They are trying to convince people this is real?

I quickly pulled out my phone and searched... yeah.. it's a fake.

So what the hell? Is this some directors wet dream? Are they trying to imitate Orson Welles 1968 broadcast of The War of the Worlds??

Apparently so because this show was put out in May of 2012 and the NOAA actually got calls and emails saying, "We want to know about the Mermaids you found!"

Bingo! In small print in the credits, if you had the ability to freeze it, there was a small section saying that what you just watched was complete and utter bullshit.

This shit should be illegal. Apparently people still think it is a cover up by the governments to hide actual Merfolk.

Any thing for the almighty dollar and a ratings boost.

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5 year old boy shoots and kills 2 year old sister

I've very sad to hear of this child's death, but the parents are to blame and the family is nuts.

The article says "they thought it was in a safe place".. obviously not... the 5 year old got it.

Which then leads me to believe that either the gun was loaded (doh) or the ammo was not hidden either (doh doh).


Then the article goes on to say:

Riddle said she is devastated, but comforted knowing that her granddaughter is in a better place.

"It was God's will. It was her time to go, I guess," she told WLEX. "I just know she's in heaven right now and I know she's in good hands with the Lord."


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No more George Lucas, thank god!

I'm happy to hear the next 10 years will be filled with new Star Wars stuff with out George "I'm brain dead" Lucas at the helm.
 And look!!! The original writer for Empire Strikes back will be writing the next two films!This means the writer for the best Star Wars film of all time will be involved!


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The funniest man

Johnathan Winters passed away. I grew up watching him on television. In a "What's my line" skit he walked in to a dialog with out knowing what was going on, took control of the dialog and made the other comedians follow his lead, abandoning the script they had been given.

Truly a great comic.


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More shit which needs to end

This shit about threatening other people is ridiculous. I know Ann Coulter is a douche who has had her 15 minutes of fame, but doing this crap is just plain stupid.


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Rape and Bullying

When is this shit going to stop? What kind of society allows this to continue?

The police should be brought to trial for their sloppy investigation. The four boys should be prosecuted.

In the article, it says they have a picture of the rape, but don't know who pressed the button? WTF? Really? That's preventing you from asking, "OK who's phone was it?" "OK son, why did you snap a photo of the rape, who was there with you, what? you didn't take the picture? OK, who had your phone? ".


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Happy Zombie Day!!!

Wishing all of you a wonderful Zombie Day this fine spring day. May your relatives all rise from the dead and eat your brains!

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FLDS - Fucking Lame Douche Shitheads

I watched the show named "I Escaped A Cult" and they had on this woman who was raped by her dad for some twenty-five years. She got pregnant twice (which once was aborted by the 4th wife).. etc etc etc.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! What a bunch of complete cock sucking assholes. Why the fuck are they still allowed to breath air? I knew their "prophet" had been arrested and got 4 life terms, but holy shit. The entire "church" is nothing but bat shit crazy.

BTW - Today I saw that the sister escaping.



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Senator changes gay marriage stance

This conservative senator changed his opinion on gay marriage because his son is gay. He wants his son, who he loves a lot, to have the same opportunities as his brother and sister.


What a fucking douche bag.

The problem I have with this is this asshole says he is a conservative and now he changes his mind to fit his personal relationship with his son. If he didn't have a son that was gay then he wouldn't have changed his mind. The prick shouldn't be in office.


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