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Was Jesus's shit holy?

I was wondering if the words 'holy crap' came from Jesus. Maybe that is the proof we need to prove Jesus was real? I mean where else would a term like that come from? Holy shit!

Also, if Jesus was so amazing, would like one bowel movement fertilize hundreds of acres of crops? For that matter, was his pee holy too? Imagine all the clothes you could clean with just one drop of his pee.

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Indiana & LGBT

 Does a business have the right to refuse you service if they know you are gay? Can they refuse your business if they know your are a murderer? Adulterer? What if you are Muslim? Long hair? Six toes? Haven't taken a bath in six weeks? What if you are from a different church or if you are from a rival college?

Why are you in business for anyway?

I heard on the radio this morning about a baseball announcer who had previously been against Jackie Robinson playing baseball. He was very vocal about it, however he changed his mind when he realized that he was there to call the games. He couldn't be bothered with the fact that Jackie Robinson was black.

Besides where in the bible does it say you don't need to provide services to others? Doesn't the bible preach kindness and love? Forgiveness? And a host of other wanna-be empathy towards others including your enemies? The ten commandments are pretty specific aren't they?

I find this stance on refusing service to others ignorant and hypocritical.

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Do the Patriots cheat?

Recently the following article was posted on Yahoo sports.

While I wait to see if the math is correct, I find it interesting that if their fumbles decreased after 2006 so dramatically, why is it that the players who left other teams then came to the Patriots had their fumbles drop so dramatically. I'd like to see how players who left the team ended up? Did their fumbles increase after leaving?

All in all, I find the coach and the QB to blame. I also find that so many scandals related to the coach have been in the form of cheating or "pushing the limits of the rules". The claim that the equipment staff is to blame is a scapegoat reply and only the QB and the coach are to blame.

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 I just spent the last few minutes speaking to a middled aged vendor who tried to witness me over the phone. I recenltly had an accident and broke my wrist and he knew about it. After asking me about my recovery he said, "Do you attend church"?

I found the use of "attend" very interesting because it signifies a specific mindset, or to me it does, of the type of religious person I'm speaking to about religion.

He was nice about it. Telling me stories about being saved and so forth, but i had heard it all before. I had so much I wanted to say but avoided speaking and let him tell me his stuff, then try to get me to visit his church.

I found the conversation comforting and that caught my attention. It wasn't in your face with the religion. He was this coaxing talk which you might find with a used care salesman or a real estate agent, trying to get you to buy in to their story about how reliable the car was or how perfect the house would be for you and the family.

It almost was a mental attack but through a diversion. A slight of hand. I was left thinking, is this how the church of scientology works? ISIS? other cults?

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The Most Amazing Reference To The Bible

I had heard of this project before through Sam Harris but this guy has really put it all together in a nice package.

Wonderful reference for those who need to pull up information before going to a debate, during a debate or just discussing stuff with your crazy sister or other relative.

Every thing is cross referenced and it shows you absurdities and contradictions in the bible.

This deserves a sticky some where on this website.



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Zombie Nativity Scene

I wanted to do a Jack Skellington setup outside our house last year, this year I didn't even bother to ask, but I thought it would be cool to do a Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas setup. Instead of doing the bright colors I'd do black, orange and red for the lights along with skeletons, zombies and witches.

Apparently it isn't any thing new to want to do this, because on eBay there was a kit being sold that was original put out in the 1960's.

I think it is awesome. The entire angels and santa crap has me all bugged out. I'd even put up one of the radio transmitters to send out the soundtrack for A Nightmare before Christmas.



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An open letter to all Christians on this Christmas eve.

Christmas is supposed to be about the birth of Jesus. OK. I'll go along with that, there are plenty of non-religious celebrations which take place on days which are not the correct date. Like the 4th of July isn't the day of Independence for the United States. That's because the signatures needed from the other representatives weren't done until August and even then some others signed it later. So Christ wasn't born on Dec 25th, who cares right? Well Christians do but I mean, he could have been born on July 4th and you'd most likely still celebrate it just like you do now? right?

Then you have all the traditions such as lights on the house, a tree in the house, a yule log, santa, egg nog, snowmen, rudolph, elf on a shelf, carols, coal in a stocking, stockings by the fire, cookies and milk for santa, wreaths on the door, tinsel on the tree, lights on the tree, decorations on the tree, why presents are under the tree, christmas cards, mistletoe kisses, 12 days of Christmas and why presents are wrapped. Even the personal traditions you have? You could go even further and talk about the food you eat and the 'family recipes' handed down generation after generation. When you open up presents? etc. etc. etc.

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I had a meeting today with the local astronomy club and met some really cool people who make their own telescopes. This one guy showed me Jupiter and Saturn on his phone. He took the photos through a simple, home made 6 inch reflecting telescope (dobsonian). Really fucking cool stuff. He ground down the glass for the mirrors.

I'd like to build my own telescope and have been looking online for free plans. The only issue is getting the glass ground down, but they said it is fairly easy to do. You just need to be patient and not rush the work because you can really screw it up.

I got a free 4.5 inch recently so I'm going to purchase some new lenes. They told me I can get some really cool pictures if the skys are perfectly clear. 

Does any one have a telecope?

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Dumb people should be put out of their misery

I think there should be a law. Execute dumb people who do dumb things instantly.

Trying to take your pic with a wild raccoon is just plain stupid. Then having to kill the animal because of your stupidity? You should be castrated.

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Be careful what you are eating

In Feb of 2014 I went out to eat with my wife for Valentine Day. I was in a lot of pain and while my wife knew of my physical issues, she didn't know just how much pain I was experiencing. My joints and muscles had almost completely seized up. The pain was so intense that when I got out of bed in the morning I had to sit on the side of the bed and wait for several minutes while I adjusted. I then had to use the nightstand and the bedpost to help me up. I had actually thought about getting a walker, the kind you see old people using, just to help me get up in the morning.

When I walked I could only shuffle my feet. It impossible to walk down the stairs normally. I had to step down with my left foot. Stop. The bring my right foot down next. When I sat down on the couch I would plop down because it was too painful to actually lower myself down. When I got up you needed a crane to lift me up. The pain in my hips was so intense that I winced and my knees buckled. When I finally did stand I wobbled and it took me a few seconds to be able to move.

That evening I had dinner with my wife was the last straw. As I slowly got in to the car I felt 125 years old. For years I had thought the abuse of my body playing sports had taken its toll on my body. I was a true athlete. I did every thing. Softball, baseball, football, field hockey, wrestling, swimming, tennis, racquetball, cross country, etc. You could find me running 5k, 10k or half marathons practically every weekend.

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