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Random passing thoughts #3 100509

Mother's day.

Classically, my day to be envious of my children for having TWO parents instead of 1/2 of a disinterested guardian.

Yesterday was Birth Mother's day. Even most of the adopted people I know didn't know that. That's ok. I always keep a few friends in mind on that day and inevitably I decide NOT to call them on that day to inform them of this day's alleged significance over any other.

It is one of the cases where ignorance isn't bliss, but almost necessary.

I'm not sure of the motivations for commemorating being a birth mother. It seems a little insidious as if it is meant as a backhanded comment rather than a 'holiday'.

There are any number of motives for even acknowledging it as a day as well.

Of course, it depends upon whom one is addressing when discussing it. right?

If it were a birth mother who had to give up the child then it strikes of sadistic obnoxiousness to mention it.

However, if it is a woman who sold or absolutely didn't want the baby at the time at all then it becomes an interesting study in what emotions are at play in the now rather than then when the choice was made.

My sympathies are there for the women who had to give up their title as mother, but not so much for those who just felt like it was okay to have a kid and shrug it off on someone else.

In the case of the former, it seems fair that mother and child be reunited eventually, but in the case of the latter...

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Random passing thoughts #2 080509

I've been spending my mind-numbing, but busy worktime trying to think of the absolutely dumbest thing that has ever gotten anyone noticed by the 'mainstream' media.

I will never understand why Perez Hilton gets to sit at the judge's table for Miss USA. Isn't that like putting a vegetarian in charge of the cattle association???? How in this miserable age did that fucker rate a seat in front of allegedly the best women America has to offer?


The people that put him there wanted to capitalize on a stupid fucker that gets a half million views on a club music video called 'My Penis'

The gay Beavis of the new millenium except less humorous.

Somewhere inside that mush of supposed grey matter, this fucktard thinks people like him for his 'insightful' remarks.

Given his audience... he may be right. I might be wrong. However, natural selection means I will outbreed him. lol. So there's catharsis.


But changing gears....

Joe the plumber garners attention by being a 'representative' of the working class for the McCain campaign and STILL is asked for his opinions on current events.

Joe doesn't want his kids around gay people... or was it... Joe doesn't want gay people around his kids. Either way it's probably safe to assume that Joe's kids won't be going to any college besides one akin to a Liberty University. (no offense to you, Patten)

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Random passing thoughts #1 050509

Jessica Simpson (aka nice looking blonde christian bimbo #9,992) is featured in Vanity Fair.

When asked about her faith, her response was:

Jessica Simpson wrote:
I'm spiritual. I live off the faith that has been instilled in me, that has never left. I've never let a stumbling block actually make me fall... We all go through trials, but not one thing has ever made me question God. I have a great relationship with God. I can talk to him, get mad at him, frustrated with him. But, ultimately, my faith is what defines me.

Soooo, nobody told her that what really defines her is the classic 'Chicken of the Sea' clip. 

"Is it fish or chicken?"

Now, I'm guilty of looping the bikini scene from 'The dukes of Hazzard' a couple of times, but even that measure of irrational behavior PALES in comparison to someone being angry with the empty air and thinking it is a good thing.


In other thoughts:

My 12-year-old daughter went on her FIRST overnight out of town trip sans family members.

For achieving the Honor Roll all year. she was treated to: a trip to the aquarium, a dance/pizza party on a river boat, and Six Flags over Georgia for a day.

Dad(me) gave her a cellphone to take with her so as to maintain some semblance of a 'leash' on a girl that is 12 going on 17.

Mom fretted.

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School daze, golden rule days.

Every year across the country, we hear of school boards' desires to build new schools due to the growing number of students and the need for smaller class sizes.

A new school building for an average city can be upwards of $10,000,000 US. The construction costs, land acquisition, and interest accrual all add their bits to the initial price tag. The locality and state are in charge of the upkeep of the school past the construction with some grants from the federal ‘government’.

After the new school building has been constructed, the old one tends to sink into disrepair, become ‘storage’ or occasionally it is sold to the public. Sometimes the school district will use part of it for administrative tasks. Often these buildings were well-kept and needed only occasional repairs when they were used. Rarely have I witnessed a school district merely making an addition to an existing building unless it was an athletic field or an ‘alternative education’ building (which I do not plan to address in this diatribe).

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My discrimination against prejudice.

My mother sent me a link for a petition a long time ago. I responded.

I was sent the same type of link again yesterday. I copied and pasted the response.

Then I couldn't remeber if I had put it anywhere else so here it is.



I love you. Here's to hoping you'll get over this some day.

Ten Reasons Why I did not/will not sign such a petition.

#1 Sensationalism such as 'firing people to hire bilingual people' as mentioned by the original sender in your message is wrong. It's called propaganda. It's using words to make the unreal appear to be real. It’s natural that bi-lingual people have an advantage in the hiring process. Probably shouldn’t have gotten that D in Spanish in high school eh?

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A morning at The Rotunda

A possibility. That's what I was going on when I drove the 582 miles to Charlottesville, Virginia.

Possibly, I could ask some questions from arguably the civilized world's smartest man. I had several questions written down to ask if I had the chance.

When I got there, I was expecting there to be a line waiting for the best seats in the very old, seating limited Jefferson Rotunda. There was a fellow by the name of Chris sitting down in front of the entrance door. He was reading his copy of The God Delusion with a small box of other books by Professor Dawkins at his side.

We chatted for an hour, in the cold, before the obnoxious 'security' officer allowed us to sit in the lobby. When he asked what we were there for both Chris and I said, "Richard Dawkins" at the same time. The 'guards' retort was, "Who?" [It's times like this where I can relate to people that receive the same query from me when discussing rap artists or rock stars.]

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What doesn't 'work' for me.

1. I don't like to fight a metaphor with a metaphor. Either you know what your describing or you don't. It's okay to theorize, but don't try to describe something using something else unless there are absolute commonalities. Worst example: Trying to define your 'god' using actual physical objects for an example. "god is the wind, ever changing but always there." Give me a break. By the way, some might consider that to be blasphemy since your god made the wind, right?

2. Human beings that derive pleasure from self-pity. I'll spend all of two try's to make someone feel better about themselves. If they persist in their self-deprecation then so be it. Perhaps they need to have someone tell them what is REALLY WRONG with them.

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