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Sphere 3

Once upon a time, in the deep freeze of black space, there existed a family of Spheres cooling down after their birth. After their fiery and violent creation, they began to quickly spin around their mother- the giant furnace from which all of them had originated. As they formed, the debris they emerged from formed as well and, though much smaller than the Spheres themselves, imitated their shape. These smaller forms orbited the larger Spheres, like electrons orbiting a nucleus. It seemed that this was the perfect shape that every object in the Universe endeavoured to turn into, from the smallest atom to the biggest gas giant. When every Sphere had achieved this shape, it appeared that the family had fulfilled their purpose, and so did the only thing that they knew how to do- keep spinning and dancing around their mother. It was balanced, it was silent, it was blissful. Every Sphere knew that something was about to happen.

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