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Fear the Religious

I have good reason to fear the superstitious and religious. I have been sent to a country to be the wall between two warring religous factions whose only gripe is who held more of the holy sperm, Mohameds son in law or nephew. Mohamed being the man who talked to the imaginary person and wrote down a whole book of misoginistic and racist tirades from the supposedly loving and unvengeful imaginary man in the sky. I dont know about anyone else but I would go with the guy that was less blood related, because some mental disease is hereditary.
So, I have been sent to Iraq to fight a religious civil war between two fanatical religous sects, I have been sent here by an religous zealot who believes his imaginary friend told him to become president and his imaginary friend told him to invade Iraq kicking off this whole religious fiasco. It seems an omnipotent being would have known what was going to happen when you invade a sovereign nation of his religious fanatics.

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