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The Noble Quran

I know most atheists on here who read the bible many times over, but have you ever even taken a look at the Quran?

The Quran still exists today in its origional language (unlike the bible) and there is only ONE version. The only version is in arabic, and can be translated into other languages though it loses some of its elequence and meaning. some arabic words are not available in english. Nonetheless, these are the translation to help you understand the Quran and listen to it in its origional language at the same time:

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Signs of the End of the World

These are some of the signs of the last day our prophet Muhammed (pbuh) warned us about.
[The Hour, is a reference to the day of Judgement or the end of the world]

Seventy-two (72) signs of Trials and Tribulations
Sayyidn'a Huzaifah has narrated that the holy Prophet predicted that seventy-two events shall occur in the period close to the Day of Judgment. These are:

(1) People will begin to miss their prayers and pay no attention to them.

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