Batman: Arkham City (Review)

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Summary: Third person melee action adventure game. Based in a portion of Gotham City, in the DC universe. Featuring Batman, with add on content featuring Catwoman and Robin/Nightwing.

Controls: One of the most intuitive and responsive games out there, but the sheer number of options in a fight tend to mean you stick with your favourites in order to prevent "deer in headlights" syndrome (what do I hit him with next? Oh shit I died..).

The graphics in this game are top notch. I never noticed a single clipping problem, or any graphical artifacts. Settings and person's look as real as one can expect from a comic setting.

The sound is similarly excellent. Voice acting generally provided by the actors from the cartoon in the mid 90's is on cue and well performed.

The setting is Arkham City, a walled off section of Gotham designed to replace Arkham Asylum. As Bruce Wayne you are thrown inside, and begin the task of attempting to discover who is doing what, and what the ultimate purpose of the city is.


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Along the way you run into a

Along the way you run into a plethora of villains from the DC universe: The Penguin, Two Face, The Joker, Ras Al Ghul, his daughter Talia, Bane, and about a dozen others, including a villain designed for Arkham Asylum that was intended as a 'real' villain (less comicy).

The story is, effectively, Batman having the worst day of his life in a GTA-like open environment.

This is the single best game (I've played anyway) to come out in this genre since Arkham Asylum. It's fast paced and challenging, though not too hard for the average gamer to complete.

Getting all the trophies/achievements is probably beyond the skills of many, but it is easier and less aggravating than the Asylum was in most regards.

Fans of DC will be cheating themselves out of a great experience by not playing it. But this game isn't just for fans. Anyone who enjoys the genre should give it a chance.

An awesome sequel to a great game. I nominate it game of the year.

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 Joker won best character

 Joker won best character of the year on the Spike Video Game Awards, and the game received some awards.  I don't play it but my son has, he said it's cool.  It sounded like they will make a future game based more on the Joker.  I'm glad you wrote these reviews, feel free to keep it up.  




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Mark Hamil has always played

Mark Hamil has always played a great Joker I think. Sadly, this game will be the last time he plays the character. Or so has been said, anyway.

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Good review...

Maybe we ought to make a new catagory in Arts just for game/book/movie reviews...?

LC >;-}>

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A year or two ago I first

A year or two ago I first suggested I do this. Only just got around to doing these. oops.
I have a few older reviews I made years ago on another site, and a bunch of other games I could review, but they're all old now. Not sure anyone would be interested.

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I bought it to play as

I bought it to play as catwoman and was not disappointed.




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My blog has a lot of movie

My blog has a lot of movie reviews and what not on World of Warcraft when I used to play.  Used to do in-depth game reviews, too.  I kept that stuff off of here, but I might start posting more or of that here if no one has any objections.

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I have given up on gaming as

I have given up on gaming as a form of entertainment. I have not been anything more than mildly entertained by a video game in a few years now. All I care about is a good story and the gameplay to not be to repetitive and obnoxious yet I have not run across a video game that made my toes tingle with awesomeness since final fantasy 8 which was over a decade ago now. As such reading has now become my primary form of entertainment where I find something awesome every other month. I am sad to say Arkham city did not restore my faith in video games. Don't get me wrong, it was pretty ok but for something that got an almost perfect review from nearly all reviewers I was disapointed. I mean when a game gets 9+/10 I expect tears in my eyes not flat indifference to how the story goes. Yeah the game play was nice but for me I play the game to get to the next bit of story. I am not really cut out to be a gamer now a days. I want story > gameplay. Pity Metal Gear Solid is gone, was the last franchise I was invested in. (rising is no longer made by the emporer of the universe (hideo kojima) though he is still doing the story so Maybe I will look at that). Probably the last game I am sort of looking forward to Since final fantasy started going south.



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