The attack on Barack Obama (Faux news)

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The attack on Barack Obama (Faux news)


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Faux News

He, like anyone who does not support the political worldview Fox is propagating, is subjected to every dirty trick(including outright lies) they have in their playbook. As you alluded to in the video snippets from Outfoxed, these people are not reporting news, but rather a thinly veiled attempt at inserting their ideology into covering topics, the use of those graphics at the bottom of the screen, and the nonstop mantra of "fair and balanced" to hypnotize viewers into believing they are getting actual news and not heavily slanted propaganda. Olbermann refutes their B.S. daily and Abrams now does as well. I don't think it is just Obama that is getting attacked, he is just the most credible, current threat to them maintaining conservative power in the presidency, but he is definitely getting screwed. I can remember watching the roundtable about McCain's "Iran is training Al Qaeda" misinformation completely being brushed aside by Brit Hume as a senior moment, and then moving along as if it almost deserved no attention at all. This is Fox News after all, so can we realistically expect any better?

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