Atheist Alliance International 2007 Videos

Please comment this thread and keep it active. Be prepared to go to AAI 2008, the RRS will be in the house. This might be around the time of the movie release! Prepare to spend $1,500 total for flight, weekend, hotel, etc. Be ready to get your ticket the day they come out. We will alert you via newsletter and posts on this site.


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The Christopher Hitchens

The Christopher Hitchens vid seems to be unavailable.

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Looks like the conference

Looks like the conference was a resounding success. I shall certainly think about a hop accross the pond for the next one. 

There's certainly something about this footage that reminds one of the James Randi Foundation's The Amazing Meeting series.

Stop that... It's silly.

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Great Videos, BUMP 

Great Videos,


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AAI 08 - See you there!

Good to hear that RRS will be there next year! I'm definitely planning on attending.. I keep checking Dawkins' site to see if there's any news... It's like waiting for Christmas, minus the Jesus bit! Smiling

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