Atheism Tapes from Jonathan Miller (Rough History of Disbelief)

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A Rough History of Disbelief from Jonathan Miller. Director Richard Denton and Jonathan Miller delve deep into the world of atheism in his quest to discover where disbelief originally began. Along the way Miller interviews some great atheist thinkers of our time including Nobel Prize winner Steven Weinberg, philosopher Daniel Dennett, Biologist Richard Dawkins, playwright Arthur Miller, and others. An eye opening series that will make you question your beliefs if you have not yet denounced religion





Following the production of "A Rough History of Disbelief" narrator Jonathan Miller and Director Richard Denton with the BBC realized the interviews made during production were too valuable to go unseen thereby deciding to make the interviews available as a series of 6 tapes. These videos are about 30 minutes each. A great insight into the different views of some well known freethinking atheists. Guests featured include Colin Mcginn, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennet, Denys Turner, Arthur Miller, and Steven Weinberg.


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That was great. I find the

That was great. I find the cycles interesting, how atheism spurs and then diminishes. I hope we finally have all the ingredients to diminish faith once and for all, especially with evolutionary theory. The final ingredient may just be, like Sam Harris says to stop giving cover to faith based beliefs and to criticize it. Also, it must be shown that it is harmful or at least potentially harmful and that it is completely useless. This is why I support the RRS.

These videos are now active

These videos are now active again.  Enjoy them and comment them to bump them if they stay online.