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With the big exception of the AMC theatre chain, which allows customers to bring in their own drinks so long as they are not in cans or bottles, most theatres force you to shop at the concession stand after you purchase a ticket there if you want food and drink with your movie. They then charge somewhere around three-times the average consumer rate for the purchase of any item.

This is just bloody insane! It is harder now than ever to get people into a theatre to begin with. The extremely high rates of movie tickets, and the use of cable and DVD, make such outings overly stressful for the majority of consumers. Then, if you manage to find yourself in a place where you can afford it, you find these extremely-high priced soda's.

Now for someone like myself, who doesn't drink soda, things are ever worse. Even if I wanted to buy something at the concession-stand, they don't sell anything that I drink! So, in order to see a movie, you have to be relatively wealthy, drink carbonated kool-aid, and enjoy the idea of sitting in a small theatre listening to your feet stick to the floor.

As I have mentioned, there are chains that are doing something to change this. AMC theatres allow drinks to be brought in from outside, and if you have an AMC movie-watcher card, you can earn rewards such as free movies and free popcorn. Then there are other theatres that offer a complete menu, sort of a dinner-and-a-movie type thing. This is great, because then you don't have to make time for dinner before or after the movie.

Choice is the keyword here. If I go to, say, Orange Julius or Starbucks and get something to drink, I want to bring that drink with me. If the theatre that I go to will not allow it, they don't want my business. I don't want to be forced to buy something I don't like just to line some greedy old man's pockets. If they really wanted my business at the concession stands, they would at least serve alternatives to soda.

Besides, I much prefer sitting at home and watching movies on DVD while doing chores. It's just easier all around.

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Cargo pants with big side

Cargo pants with big side pockets is the way to go.

Actually, I've always found it peculiar that we've created a movie watching culture that expects that someone cannot sit and watch a movie for (usually) less than two hours without eating or drinking something. If someone goes to a movie theater hungry and thirsty to begin with, that's just plainly absurd, they deserve to pay concession stand prices

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OK.  I admit it.  Now

OK.  I admit it.  Now that they're gone back to popping their own popcorn and giving the customer the option of massive amounts of popcorn butter (a.k.a. pure fat), on the rare occasion that I go to a movie theater I head directly to the concession stand. 

Yes, it's overly expensive.  Yes, it's bad for my health.  It's also a treat and it makes me soooooo happy!  

Of course, I only make it to the movies about once a year so it really is a big night out for me!


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