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I know I'm preaching to the choir here..but...either way.

They say hindsight is always 20/20. Question is, when do we learn from our mistakes? What causes a paradigm shift? What government attrocities are we willing to deny in order to maintain a sense of complacency and comfort.

Those easily misled are those that do not question. The power of the question relies on the ability to critically dissect every thing. Without that power, we can be assured to be led astray and controlled.

It is those of us with the ability to critically analyze; that are able to shift the paradigm, to change things for the better. The critical thinkers see disaster before it comes. That is why us "unpatriotic" rational thinkers, see a huge problem with this country, it's theocratic leanings and the slow change towards a nationalistic police state, governed by fear, guns and god. Change is that you do not notice. But it takes those with clear vision and critical thinking to analyze and realize..wait a minute...something is wrong in the USA today.

Little by little this country is turning more and more into what we are "supposedly" fighting against. Are we going to sit idly by and be distracted by TV and Church and a complacent life where a Wal Mart is only a hop and a skip away?

It is time to question, to fight for the basic freedoms we have been given from our founding fathers. This country, in theory anyway, represents the best form of government ever seen. Freedom was a gift from our founding fathers. With that gift comes responsibility. The repsonsibility to ensure that freedom will always be what it was intended to be. Democracy and freedom cannot live when ignorance is the driving force. We need to arm our kids with knowledge, not fairy tales. Education is something that this country is seriously lacking in, and we are reaping the consequences of putting faith over reason, god over science, and nationalism over common sense.

I am tired of the neo/thecons telling me that my atheism lacks the moral basis to sustain an ethical social standard, while they "morally" legalize torture.

I am tired of the neo/theocons telling me that my right to choose an abortion is morally wrong while cutting funding to women's health worldwide causing thousands if not millions of women to suffer.

I am tired of the neo/theocons telling me that the apocalypse is coming, therefore, we should not plan for our children's future, yet prepare for jesus' coming, when they have no compelling evidence to sustain this lunacy.

I am tired of the neo/theocons telling me that muslims are evil while pushing their own evil xtian theocracy (at least, one thing we do agree on is that muslims are by for not allowed a free pass, they are violent as we have seen)

I am tired of the neo/theocons telling me that this country was founded upon xtian principles when in fact the constitution was designed to avoid such theocratic ideas.

I am tired of the neo/theocons telling me that war is peace, that torture is righteous while at the same time glorifying the ten commandments, which clearly denounce killing.

I can go on and on and on....

My friends, our government has failed us....miserably. And we are in part to blame. Let us not keep failing, we can change only takes waking up.

Let's wake up america....

Left of Larry

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yes yes yes. All good stuff.

yes yes yes. All good stuff. Now for the "easy" part. Cool