Ali G on the Constitution

I cannot get enough of this show. Here's a convo from the show I just watched:

Ali G: What was the constitution?

Gore Vidal (Historian): It was a written document, outlining how the government of a new country should be governed.

Ali G: So why did day decide to write the constitution on those two tablets?

Gore Vidal: They’re not on tablets, they’re on paper.

Ali G: Didn’t day ‘old up the...them two…

Gore Vidal: No that’s Moses.

Ali G: So alright, so how involved was Moses in the constitution?

Gore Vidal: He had nothing to do with the constitution.

My favorite episode was when Ali G was interviewing different religious representatives and he made the claim that most nuns are also strippers, and the Catholic priest got really upset and said his claim was absurd because he had no proof to back that up.

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Ali G
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Sweet, thanks for posting that.

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Ali G is my hero.....
That was great......