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How to make money online at home with an automated website income builder

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Submitting An Article To Ezine Articles Tips And Tricks

The Jesus Myth - July 28, 2011 - 10:57am This is a great video that shows you how to submit an article to Ezine articles. Get more clicks and SEO benefits.

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Tips on Bathing your Horse

The Jesus Myth - July 28, 2011 - 10:57am

Step by step directions on rinsing off your horse during the summer. Please see the series for a complete, beginning to end, idea of how to train your horse to calmly accept bathing.

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WordPress Setup: Step 3: Upload Your Theme

The Jesus Myth - July 28, 2011 - 10:57am

Cory Miller from walks us through how to upload your WordPress theme through the Dashboard. Be sure to check out premium themes from here

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Installing WordPress on Netfirms in just 3 clicks!

The Jesus Myth - July 28, 2011 - 10:57am

Check out the ease of using Netfirms and how you can install wordpress to your Netfirms domain with just 3 clicks! Great for beginners or veterans as easy as 1, 2, 3. Check out my blog for more helpful tips at!

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WordPress Tutorial – How To Install And Use Themes On Your WordPress Blog

The Jesus Myth - July 28, 2011 - 10:57am This tutorial demonstrates how to customize the title and tagline of your blog as well as how to select and activate a theme using the two built in installation methods. Visit http for other WordPress Tutorials including: -Installing WordPress on your domain -Writing your first post -Using and modify widgets on your blog -Finding and installing plug-ins -Reviews and tutorials on specific plug-ins you may want to use You can also find tutorials on other subjects, and sign up for a free weekly newsletter filled with updates, tips and resources.

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Warlock (85) Destruction 20k DPS 4.1 Heroic Chimaeron Rotation UI Tips and Tricks

The Jesus Myth - July 28, 2011 - 10:57am

20k DPS on Heroic Chimaeron 10 man. DPS losses: I did not actually pre pot this attempt, made a few bad choices when slimed (lowered hit% by Chimaeron’s ability) ideally filler spells used here not soul fire, priority was otherwise good but not perfect eg cast incinerate over immolate and soul fire a couple of times (but in the words of Fizboz: “spamming your filler spells is good panic”). Dreamalittle’s stats at time of filming: iLvl 359 2 Piece T11 Bonus DMC Volcano, Mirror, Power Torrent, Lavawalker Spell Power: 6583 Haste: 15.02% Hit: 17.28% Crit: 12.85% Mastery: 12.04 —- Current armoury link for those interested: Theory references Dot clipping and haste: Spell priority: —- User interface Main timers: Buttontimers Alerts and Soul Fire counter: Power Auras Dps measure: Recount Bossmod used: Bigwigs Cast bar: Quartz Health bars: Tidyplates Action bars: Dominos Unit frames: Shadowed Unit Frames

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Easiest way to add a Getresponse or Aweber form in WordPress!

The Jesus Myth - July 28, 2011 - 10:57am

By This is the most simplest way to add a Getresponse or Aweber form in WordPress without any plugins at all. Visit http and signup free for more interesting tips. You will also get my latest book on “Affiliate Marketing Secrets” Free, just for signing up.

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How to Easily Import Your Content to Your Hosted WordPress Blog

The Jesus Myth - July 28, 2011 - 10:57am So you want to move to a hosted blog, but you have all this content You don’t want to leave it…or the comments Not to worry! WordPress has a built-in feature that allows you to import your content quickly and easily This tutorial demonstrates the process of importing from a blog, but the feature also supports importing from other blog sites, such as Blogger. Just a few simple steps, and your new, hosted WordPress blog will be go to go in no time at all. For more tips, information and other good stuff, be sure to visit http

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Tips for Curling Hair with a Flat Iron

The Jesus Myth - July 28, 2011 - 10:57am

PLEASE CLICK MORE. If you’re struggling with curling your hair with a flat iron, hopefully these simple tips will help. ————————————- I’d just like to note that PLEASE watch the entire video before commenting. The first minute is simply a hook: an exaggerated introduction designed to capture the audience’s attention. If you watch past the hook, and you’ll see the main point of this video. I can’t correct every commenter who tells me that what I’m doing is wrong. I KNOW that what I’m doing is wrong. It’s a hook, people. -_-;; I’m deleting comments from people who keep telling me that I’m not doing it right. You’re obviously not paying attention, and therefore your feedback is useless. Also, regarding the brand of the flat iron I’m using. I honestly can’t judge it. It’s a Vidal Sassoon imported from China (or Hong Kong, not sure). You all should know that brands considered drugstore in the US are considered high-end here in Asia. Besides, it’s just a name, people. It’s what you do with the tool that produces the right result. Please look before you leap. Thank you so much for subscribing, everyone! ♥♥♥

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Cad Tips-NavisWorks Freedom Viewer- Navigation

The Jesus Myth - July 28, 2011 - 10:57am

Quick tip on navigating and getting started with NavisWorks Freedom Viewer

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Vanity Fair Publishes Unusual Image Of Prince William and Kate Middleton

The Jesus Myth - June 9, 2011 - 8:07pm

Prince Guillermoy and his wife, Kate Middleton, on the cover of the new edition of Vanity Fair, which goes on sale Thursday June 2. The image, which is now divided into several Internet sites was taken by Mario Testino, Peruvian photographer who captured the official photo of the couple’s commitment, and who portrayed Diana of Wales on several occasions.

In a preview posted on the website of Vanity Fair, shows that, although since their marriage, the princes are officially the Duke of Cambridge, Guillermo prefers to be called by its ancient title of nobility. So will Prince William and Princess Catherine. According to the publication, this could cause a stir within the Royal Family. This, because the Countess of Wessex have been asked on several occasions to refer to her as Princess Sophia, but the queen has forbidden.

According to the average British Daily Mail, within the publication are also other images taken by Testino, as some of the classic black and white photographs of Diana.

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The Duke Of Cambridge, Cover of ‘Vanity Fair’

The Jesus Myth - June 9, 2011 - 8:04pm

Prince William and Princess Catherine will be the cover of Vanity Fair published in July. As a tribute to Lady Di, the images of the Duke of Cambridge also run by Mario Testino, who explained how to work with a partner. Back in July 1997, Lady Di was on the cover of Vanity Fair and was Mario Testino, a personal friend of the Princess of Wales and his favorite photographer, who took over the images. Now, 14 years later, his oldest son is going to honor her.

Prince William and his wife, Princess Catherine, will cover of the magazine this July and also be subject to goal Testino, as recorded by The New York Post.

The report contains not only photos of the young royal couple, but also others of Lady Di, Prince Charles and Prince Harry, all made by the artist.

During a ceremony of homage at the Museo del Barrio in New York, Mario Testino took to talk about his work with William and Catherine before her marriage, and described them as “a young couple in love.” “Everything (work) is compacted in a very short time because we have to produce photographs. Do not say many things to each other, in reality it is me screaming and trying to get everything right,” he recognized Peruvian artist , as recorded by People.

Beyond the stress of a photo shoot, Testino recognizes that the Duchess of Cambridge looked “fabulous” and the couple could not hide his “pure happiness.”

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Justin Timberlake Talks About His Separation From Britney Spears In Vanity Fair

The Jesus Myth - June 9, 2011 - 8:01pm

After more than 10 years since their separation, the truth is that neither Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake have talked a lot about what was your relationship or even because it ended. However, now is Justin Timberlake who opens up to an interview in Vanity Fair where, among other things talked about Britney Spears, and why their relationship was never meant to last.

“I wish him well, that goes without saying but the fact is we have not spoken in 9 or 10 years,” says Timberlake publication.

The singer turned actor stressed that much of their relationship with the pop princess is due to the circumstances, “We were two birds of a feather, small-town guys doing the same. But then they become adults and how they were as teenagers no longer makes sense. I do not think we were normal, nothing was normal for our existence. We spend too much time being the most important for teenagers, the relationship had no long-term future. ”

There you have it, has finally spoken about what happened in the relationship between Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Perhaps there was no deception on the part of either, maybe just were very different, as Timberlake says, were not destined to last.

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The Duke Of Cambridge, From ‘Vanity Fair’ in Canada

The Jesus Myth - June 9, 2011 - 7:59pm

William and Catherine excited and nervous the day of the official asked. The July cover of Vanity Fair ‘shows new images of couples before marriage. Canada is the next destination of his trip as husband and wife and be the first time that the princess visit the North American country.

After a romantic honeymoon in the Seychelles Islands, now it back to work and William and Catherine have their full schedule of events, tours and presentations. His first stop was in the U.S. and Obama marriage there were responsible for welcoming the newlyweds.

The U.S. president and his wife have been encantandos with the visit and did not hesitate in getting to the princes his wedding present: a ‘loading’ of laptops for the foundation PeacePlayers. William and Catherine expressed her hope that as a wedding gift that the guests wanted to make donations to NGOs and marriage Obama but was not invited to link wanted to have this detail as a token of appreciation.

Ok Magazine The magazine has had access to the route that the princes take on your next stop: Canada. The couple will visit the country from 30 June to 8 July.

The Calgary Herald newspaper picked up the statements of Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the visit of William and Catherine: “Canadians have the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in very high esteem and hope to welcome as they embark on their first official trip as newlyweds. ”

The couple will tour the regions and cities in the country: Ottawa, Ontario, Quebec or Montreal and then fly back to the United States to spend 2 days in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Vanity Fair readers can learn the exclusive new images from the photo shoot MarioTestino princes made the day of your request last November and which are very happy and relaxed waiting for his big day.

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Facebook: Internet Resisted

The Jesus Myth - June 9, 2011 - 7:57pm

The largest network in the world did not report problems in the IPv6 World Day.

With only a few hours to finish the World Day of IPv6, Facebook, the largest social network, said it had not experienced problems.

The global test of 24 hours of the new Internet communications protocol has not caused a slowdown or difficulty in Facebook, according to Donn Lee, a Facebook engineer the core network which helped devise the plan for the World Day of IPv6.

“Internet is not broke,” Lee said, laughing. “As expected, as we had expected, was an impossible occurrence by the technical standards … There is some relief that never before had a test on this scale. ”

The IPv6 test run began on Tuesday at 8 pm, U.S. Eastern time Most of the nearly 400 companies that participated in testing the switch at the same time, putting in function both protocols. This means that networks run both IPv4 and IPv6, so if a team was able to connect to the IPv6 network, I would. If he could not, however, could be returned and connected via IPv4.

“When all participants were working [IPv6] … was very encouraging, “said Lee, who worked with a group of teammates since the autumn (northern hemisphere) to prepare the Facebook network for testing. “I talked with people who have call centers and they said they had not changed at all the volume of support calls from any normal day. We have not noticed any difference in user complaints or site usage statistics.

Lee said that one million users of Facebook, the total from 500 to 600,000,000, were connected, on Wednesday, the network through IPv6.

He also said it remains unclear how many users experienced problems loading the site on Wednesday, but suspects it was around 0.03 percent.

Now that the trial ended, Lee can take a deep breath and begin to analyze all the data that were collected during the test.

IPv4, the main communications protocol of the Internet is running out of unique IP addresses to all computers, smart phones and other devices that need to be connected to the Internet. The upgrade to IPv6 is expected to provide 4 billion times more addresses than IPv4.

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NGP is PS Vita

The Jesus Myth - June 9, 2011 - 7:56pm

The acronyms that apply to Next Generation”Portable”had become popular with the gamer audience, always attentive to the news of large companies in the segment, including the Japanese Sony PlayStation in charge of the world. It has long been known that NGP was the codename for the second version of PSP, but do not know the final baptism for the console, now officially called PS Vita.

The company reports that this new and final name refers to the quotidian, in accordance with a device aimed to combine the world of video games and social interaction with the real world. In fact,”Vita”is the Latin word for”life.”

Vita PS Specifications:

  • “The device has a touch screen 5-inch OLED and touch pad on their back.
  • “Your Controls: Directional buttons, action buttons (the classic controls of PlaySation Geometer shaped), buttons, back and volume controls.
  • -Has a ARM Cortex A9 Processor Core
  • “It has two cameras, one on each side.
  • “There are six types of sensors.
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, and 3G, depending on model.
  • Her dimensions: mm 182×18.6×83.5

Among the developments announced for the console application appears two pre-installed on your computer. The first is”Near”a tool that allows players to share information about their incursions entertainment, and create links with users coming to your location. The system also includes a mode that offers gifts (items unlocked pesonajes customization, weapons, treasures, etc..) Which will be useful in various game environments. The second of which Sony calls it”Party,”which allows users to interact with other players or voice chat during online games.

Additionally, the company reported the availability of a welcome tool. This is a tutorial designed to familiarize players with the new console before diving into the action of deliveries.

Among the titles are expected Gravitu”Daze,””Golden Uncharted Abyss,””Little Deviants,””Hot Shots Golf”Reality”Fighters”Hustle”Kings”’ ‘ModNation Racers”Wipeout”and”2048”Delta”Super Stardust, all of these by SCE. It is further evidence of different developers.

Together with the final baptism for the console, Sony unveiled the monetary cost in various world markets which will be released in early United States, Japan and Europe. The cost varies depending on the version: it has a WiFi connection and another that adds 3G connectivity. The company reports that the device will start shipping in these regions in late 2011. di newspapers and new

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Twitter Launches Automatic URL Shortening

The Jesus Myth - June 9, 2011 - 7:52pm

Twitter has launched a feature to shorten links automatically mannerisms that allows users to paste long URLs (uniform resource locators) for messages sent directly through its website microblogging, without worrying that the message will be above the limit of service of 140 characters.

Users can paste a link of any length in the message composition box on the site, according to a company blog.

“Having made up your tweet and press the button” Tweet “We will shorten the link so that only occupies 19 characters,” he said.

“I do not have to worry about a link iacortar long in the 140-character limit,” Twitter said in its support page.

Users currently rely on the services of third party links shortening, which remain supported on Twitter.

The service is being launched by Twitter to a small percentage of users, at least to start. After you type 13 characters of a URL, I get a message that the user knows that the link is shortened. Even after the character limit of the message is completed, users can continue to add text to the address, said Twitter.

Once the message is sent, will be assigned a link ID, but the link appears as an abbreviated version of the original URL, so people who see the message will know the site you’re visiting.

Twitter service will only be used short links in the links posted on Twitter and not available as a general shortening service. The company emphasized the safety aspects of its new service. URLs converted to links service Twitter are compared with a list of potentially dangerous sites, and when there is agreement, users will be warned before continuing, he said.

Twitter has also added language support for Brazilian Portuguese to your site. The site now supports nine languages, including French, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and English. Twitter is ranked among the first 13 Web sites in Brazil, according to Web traffic monitoring service Alexa. It is after Google, Orkut and Facebook in that country. The range is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and page views last month.

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King Juan Carlos of Spain Donated $ 181,250 Of The Russian State Prize

The Jesus Myth - June 9, 2011 - 7:51pm

King Juan Carlos of Spain donated $ 181,250 of the Russian State Prize, which awarded him the Kremlin today, for the restoration of historical and cultural heritage of the city of Lorca (Murcia) destroyed by an earthquake on 11 May.

La Casa del Rey in a statement that the monarch has decided that the prize money is intended for that purpose.

Juan Carlos I has been awarded the State Prize of Russia, the highest official award that is delivered in Russia and the only one granted to foreigners, for his “outstanding merits in the field of humanitarian activity in 2010. ”

The town of Lorca, with about 95,000 inhabitants, including some 10,000 Ecuadorians and Bolivians 4000, was hit on May 11 by two earthquakes that left nine dead, 300 injured, thousands homeless and severe damage.

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Government Delegation In the Valencia Community

The Jesus Myth - June 9, 2011 - 7:48pm

Government Delegation in the Valencia Community has issued on the afternoon of Thursday a statement that says that “at no time” had been no police charge against the ‘outraged’ that have emerged around them Valencian Parliament , but has tried to “a timely response from the agents prior to repel aggression by an anti-establishment group that has produced blunt objects to the police.”

So, has argued that agents deployed in the region have intervened only “when there have been acts of violence by a small group of protesters” and recalled that the obligation of the Security Forces of the State is to “ensure the exercise of rights and fundamental freedoms in the morning, focused on ensuring the attendance of Members autonomic connection with the establishment of Les Valencian Parliament. ”

Delegation has also provided a detailed account of events which began, as noted, at around 22.25 pm on Wednesday, when a group composed of about 250 people agreed to move to the headquarters of Benicarló Palace, home of Les Valencian Parliament , which was held on Thursday the establishment of the House. According to his version, 50 of these youths were at night waiting for the politicians invited to the event.

Early this morning, officers from the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) have cordoned off the area around the Palacio de Les Cortes Valenciana, evicting people gathered peacefully at the gates of the building. Still according to her account, a group of them have remained after the fence and there was just arrested a young woman.

Later, during the morning a couple of hundred protesters, “between the prevailing anti-radical elements and have surrounded all access to them Valencian Parliament, without notable incident occurred, although all groups have been proffered kinds of insults and offensive slogans against the institutions and the police. ”

However, delegation said that around 13.00, while celebrating the act of incorporation of the Valencian Parliament, “an elated group has rebuked the officials of the IPU that kept police cordon repeatedly trying to circumvent.”

“One of the concentrates, so insistent, has led to an UIP agent service in terms gravely injurious, being encouraged and warned by the police to forgo his attitude, because otherwise he would have to require identification, in order to be punished “, he explained.

Thus, given that this person has ignored the warnings, “continuing its defiance and disrespectful towards the police, it has been required to make him surrender his personal documents, at which time, without prior warning, the companion of required violently assaulted, with a punch in the face, the agent of the IPU, then provoking a struggle to arrest the perpetrator, both falling to the ground. ”

At that time, other members of the IPU have intervened in support of the agent and other demonstrators attacked “in aggressive, have pounced on the staff of the IPU, trying to prevent the arrest, throwing sharp objects, scissors that particular have impacted on the face of a policeman, a battery, pouch type, and punched and kicked, 8 policemen were wounded. ”

Government delegation has indicated that the protesters have seized transmission equipment to one of the actors and clothing uniformity.

It has therefore argued that the police intervention units, “which went with their usual uniforms and without any special protection, have been forced to repel the aggression, using its statutory defenses, in a performance that lasted a few seconds “to restore order, resulting in the arrest of 5 individuals, all participants in the attack, for alleged crimes of assault, injury and civil unrest.

Once normalcy is restored, the concentrates have remained in place until the conclusion of the act, without registering any further incidents have highlighted the same sources.

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