Eric Hovind removes all mention of YouTube/DMCA complaints from Wikipedia!!

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Eric Hovind removes all mention of YouTube/DMCA complaints from Wikipedia!!

Eric Hovind, or someone using a computer operated by "CSE Enterprises" removed all mention of the YouTube controversy from Kent Hovind's wikipedia aritcle, NOT once, but FIVE times!

 This guy is amazing. He gets caught in a deceitful situation to hide another deceitful situation so he removes it from wikipedia article.

Don't take my word for it:

1) The IPs edits showing what the CSE account did: (Note: click on "diff" to see what that edit did)

2) Warnings and the IP linked to "CSE Enterprises":

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I just looked, and it's back

I just looked, and it's back up.

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Cpt_pineapple wrote: I just

Cpt_pineapple wrote:
I just looked, and it's back up.

It's back up, with a note saying Hovind's goons took it down four times in one day.

And here is that section, preserved in my post for posterity in case it ever gets taken down again:

Youtube copyright controversy

On Sunday September 16, 2007 Wired reported that "YouTube has banned a group called the Rational Response Squad (RRS) after it complained its videos were being taken down due to spurious DMCA requests from" someone working on behalf of Creation Science Evangelism Ministries.[70] It further noted that while this highlights problems with DMCA, the ministry's own website said that "none of the materials ... are copyrighted, so feel free to copy these and distribute them freely."[70]

In response to the "spurious" copyright claims the RRS has posted a message that it is ready to sue CSE and/or Eric Hovind.[71][72] Notable users banned (apart from the Rational Response Squad) or who have had videos taken down include the YouTube user Rabidape, who was banned due to a DMCA claim thought to have originated from the same person, and YouTube user ExtantDodo, a user known for critiquing videos about creationism. CSE then said that for some of the videos they may not have had copyright claims.[73]

As of September 21, 2007, the CSE copyright page had been changed to say that their material may be copied but must be unedited.[73] Previously, Hovind's website stated, "None of the materials produced by Creation Science Evangelism are copyrighted".[74] According to a spokesperson for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a group dedicated to preserving free speech on the internet, CSE's claim was "clearly bogus".[75] As of September 25th, the videos had been put back up and the Rational Response Squad's accounts had been reinstated. [75]

On September 27, 2007 someone using a computer registered to CSE removed all mention of the copyright controversy from this wikipedia article four times.

(emphasis in final paragraph added by me - original is without bold or italic)


Good night, funny man, and thanks for the laughter.

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 Just a reminder that Eric

 Just a reminder that Eric Hovind is a douchebag.