Positive comments towards Sapient that help fuel his activism

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Positive comments towards Sapient that help fuel his activism


My name is Mike and I'm currently residing in TN and have been here for about nine years. I finally got around to writing you! I just have to comment on what a great job you did debating Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. I watched it on YouTube and happened to stumble across it while I was searching for evolution/creation debates. I would have to say my favorite part is when you offered to pay for Ray and Kirk's tickets to the Museum of Natural History. Did they ever take you up on that??? Anyway since then I have seen you and Kelly in many interviews and debates both individually and together. You both do a great job in debating creationists.

Keep up the good work!


P.S. I loved the reply you gave Kirk when he said that he would be praying for you. "You pray for me, I'll think for you." If you don't mind, can I use this statement if I'm told that I'm being prayed for? LOL We have two threads dedicated to as many positive comments as we have time to post.  The previous thread on this topic was here, and covered positive comments aimed at the Squad in general, which generally often referred to my co-hosts.  Now that my co-hosts have moved on to other efforts, I've started this thread of positive comments that help fuel my activism.  I'll post the positive comments from my email and from around the web as I have time, or see a particularly good one. 


Is Brian Sapient the most dangerous man on the internet? Judging from his appearance on Laura Ingraham's radio talk show, he must be. First thing's first: who is Brian Sapient and if he's so dangerous why haven't you heard of him? Sapient is the leader of the Rational Response Squad (RRS), an online-based, free-thinking Atheist network, and the reason his name hasn't crossed your path is, well, because he's the leader of a free-thinking Atheist network. Sapient employs rather radical methods in order to convey his position. One such tactic is The Blasphemy Challenge. Here he encourages people to record themselves denying the existence of the Holy Spirit (immediately branding them a heretic in the eyes of God and exiling them from Heaven for eternity) in exchange for a free "The God Who Wasn't There" DVD.

Ingraham, sighting a potential opportunity to embarrass someone with a differing epistemological viewpoint, invited Sapient on her show. Her nasty, trifling interview is good theater but prosaic commentary. Sapient revealed the show's most remarkable defense mechanism on the RRS message boards, and it speaks volumes about the way verbose pundits hobble their guests and can control dialogue. As Ingraham attempted to roil Sapient with a few below-the-belt jabs "Why don't you get a real job?" the producer, according to Sapient, was in his other ear forbiding him to defend himself. When Brian defied the producer's command Sapient's mic was clipped and Laura stated her conclusions unchallenged.

While Sapient broadcasts for over an hour each week on RRS, giving equal platform to Reverends, youth pastors and garden-variety believers, one must ask why does Laura Ingraham hate free speech? I am a firm believer in John Stuart Mill's philosophy of total inclusion when it comes to what we admit into popular discussion and the more points of view on such an important topic the better. With this approach the meritless ideas will, over time, shrivel and fade, and truth will reveal itself against the dull backcloth of falsehoods. The idea being reality is quite persuasive (when was the last time you underwent a blood-letting?). So, I ask, what is so dangerous about Sapient's message?

The highlight from the show: Laura presents Sapient with Pascal's Wager, asking if there is a God isn't it better just to believe because if Sapient is wrong he's going to suffer forever, but if he's right nothing is gained. Sapient counters, Socrates-like, by asking her in which God should one believe: Yaweh or Allah? Laura, without skipping a beat, delivers a pot shot and asks Sapient "So, what does your girlfriend do?"

Is Brian Sapient the most dangerous man on the internet?


I think what you do is Heroic. I am a mental health counselor in Buffalo, NY. I used to work at the Center for Inquiry until recently, so I am familiar with the rational/skeptical/secular movement. I really admire your efforts to infuse rationality and reason into the dialogue that is taking place online and in the media about religion/faith/atheism. As a former "born-again" christian, and as a clinical therapist, I can say with a great deal of authority that what your doing helps a lot of people. So many people are continuing to be "beat up" in their own heads by the voices of authority figures past, even long after they leave religion behind. I myself have had a hell of a time leaving the belief system behind me, and still have trouble silencing the chorus of voices in my head telling me I'm on the wrong path, danger lies ahead, and I'm going to fail at everything I do, because "god" isn't at the center for my life.

You are one of the people who I have listened to online to help me battle these demons. It's people like you, Pat Condell, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harriss who have helped me heal from the wounds my christian community keeps trying to inflict on me. You are one of the voices that reassure me that my life ISN'T going to fall apart any minute, and that there IS hope for joy in this life, and that my focus should NOT remain on the after life.

I will be glad to network with you on Facebook, and to continue any dialogue you would be interested in regarding secularism and mental health. My area of focus is positive psychology and cross cultural psychology. I study traits of healthy families, healthy lifestyles, and some cross cultural research.

Like I said, any time you want to correspond about a topic, let me know.

And thank you, from the bottom of my heart for the effort you put into these discussions/debates with the religiously minded. I assure you, there are those of us out there who get more than entertainment out of it, we get the breath of life.

Corey Neil
Buffalo, NY



Dear Mr. Sapient;

I have long been a fan of The Rational Response Squad, and wished to take a moment and thank you for the hard work you do. I imagine you have heard this countless times and don't need yet another reminder, but I wish to say that your efforts are greatly admired and appreciated, and bear fruit every time I manage to talk some sense into someone or at the very least get them to start thinking a little more critically about irrational ideas they cling to.

I sent a 'friend' request as a show of support and because I would be glad to call an individual such as yourself my friend — for whatever value that has coming from a stranger on facebook. I expect you get a great many of these messages, and given the built-in 'friend limit' will not take it personally if my request is not reciprocated. Regardless, thank you very much for helping to fight the good fight! Your work is an inspiration and a strong motivator to continue fighting ignorance with the light of reason.

Warm Regards,
J. Robinson



Just want to say thanks for all the time and money you spend fighting the good fight.  I have been keeping up with your website for years. You are part of the reason I realized I was atheist. Keep doing good work....and know that it does make a difference.



Thank you for everything  you have done over all of these years in the way of activism~Thank you for creating this site~Thank you for facing all of the haters by addressing all of the shit that has been flung over the past few years~Thank you for the sacrifices you have made in the past and will likely make in the future.  Smiling




Mr. Sapient, i just wanted to take a minute to personally thank you. For most of my life i was raised with the fairy tale of "god" in a less than strict but predominatly christian family. I got the whole "go to church, read the bible, or your gonna burn" speech often. For the most part I just payed lip service to the whole family, mostly just told them what they wanted to hear. For years now i have considered my self agnostic in my veiws, that recently has changed. A friend of mine told me about FSM, this eventually lead me to RRS. The forums and content really helped me to realize that my veiws are atheist, and the night line show really helped as well. Kudos by the way on the debate. I recently was approached by some baptist evangelists using literally the same debate that kirk cameron and the other guy used. Made me giggle a lil bit. Anyways, thank you for swaying me away from insanity and opening my mind to atheism.

thank you again,

chef chris


Listen up Brian! Sometimes when people work every day in pursuit of a certain goal, their labor becomes mundane and trivial to them. Just know that your efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated by other atheists. You are awesome. Carry on. - Wayne Adkins

Clint Ballard wrote:

Dude, just don't sweat that shit. We all have people out there who, for whatever reason, feel the need to try and start shit. If you're going to have a voice in the world, then you have to be ready for the trolls. Also your response wasn't weak or pathetic. You're too hard on yourself. Just stay focused and let the work we put into this thing speak for itself.


Arcana Ciphera wrote:

thank you for accepting my friend request. it is an honor and pleasure to be associated/connected with someone of your discernment, caliber, and humanitarian integrity. keep up the good work and never lose sight of the noble prize of "a world without religion.” We are in desperate need of people like you, moreso now than ever before in history.

Zack wrote:

I want to let you know that you and the RRS really helped me get out of theism and know that there were other like minded non-believers out there. I had recently broke with about 18/19 years of belief when I discovered your show in 07 (right before the Dateline stuff) and was HOOKED on all your recordings.

RRS really solidified my non-belief. Thank you.



I am a biologist. I happened across your debate with Kirk Cameron on Youtube, and added some text comments in support. Thanks for fighting the good fight. Keep plugging. As a professional with a perhaps greater command of the current facts, would I have responded differently to some of Kirk's points? Perhaps, but who cares? You guys are the ones in there pitching, and you're doing a great job. The fight for hearts and minds happens in the trenches, one chunk of gray matter at a time, and you are the foot soldiers of Reason. I will continue to look for your stuff and support it with factual comments where possible.


Ali wrote:

Hey guys

I just wanted to say keep up the good work; I think you guys are doing a fantastic job. I can't fathom how frustrating is must be debating
creationists, but well done on your preparations.

As someone who grew up in a religious household, subjected to such issues on daily basis I have a lot of respect for what you do. About 12 years ago I went to university and I was opened to the world of science, physics, and all the intricacies and elegance of this universe. Now not only am I an atheist, but I would consider myself an anti-theist. My main field of work is IT & IS Security, however I do a lot of research in theoretical physics, such fields as M-Theory and dimensional universes.

Your efforts are well appreciated; my brother and I are big fans. I think even if not everyone accepts Science at least you are furthering its reach, which is such an IMPORTANT matter.




Thanks for doing what you do.  A guy I knew in the military turned me on to you.  That's what started this whole skepticism road for me.  - David


I have nothing but admiration for you for all your efforts, after all the direct and collateral effects your positive atheism has cost you.

I don't have the courage and the willingness that you do. So, I offer as much of what I can and am willing to.

I believe the RRS will go down in history as being pivotal in positive atheism gaining exponentially in popularity and in aiding those who were still trapped in religious dogma find the reasoning and the strength to abandon their theism.

- Rednef


This one is really special because it speaks about how I operate and how RRS operates. Shelley Mountjoy initially got involved with activism because of RRS. She went on to become one of the most active female atheists in the world.

I recently wrote about Darrel Ray and his views on different types of leadership. I commented on how my leadership style often makes it tough to identify future leaders. I mentioned that Shelley got her start with me and I didn't recognize how to utilize her best, she said...

"Brian, you never did anything wrong as far as I'm concerned. I was just deluded into thinking the entire movement was as awesome as your site." - Shelley Mountjoy

In the 5 years since I fueled Shelley into activism she has held or currently holds the following positions (I probably left several out):

Organizer, Beltway Atheists - Advisory Board Member, Atheist Nexus - President, Rational Response Squad (GMU) - Co-Chair, District of Columbia Atheists (DCA) Alumni Advisor, United Secular Alliance (VCU) - Assistant Organizer, Maryland Atheist Outreach - Vice President, Virginia Freethought Renaissance - Board of Directors, Secular Student Alliance - Secretary, Atheist Alliance International - Treasurer, Secular Student Alliance (GMU) - Organizer, Drinking Skeptically - Richmond - President, District of Columbia Atheists (DCA) - Board of Directors, Atheist Alliance of America - Assistant Organizer, DC Atheist Women (DCAW) - Coordinator, Washington DC Coalition of Reason



James sent a message using the contact form at

I just recently heard of who you are and what you do and recently watched the debate with Kirk Cameron. I wanted to say thank you for making efforts to try and wake up your fellow man and open his eyes to a world of reality and not one of fairy tale. I won't waste any more of your time with some of my points on disproving a god, I'm sure you'll do fine without them.

Thank You.


Subject: [Letters supporting our efforts!] Laura Ingraham

Ryan sent a message using the contact form at
I just finished listening to Brian Sapient on Laura Ingraham's radio show (for the second time), and sat here in disbelief for almost 10 minutes as Laura used every cheap tactic commonly employed by Christians and people who are just in way out of their depth in any debate, to drain any logic and common sense out of it, and turn it into a shouting match and an exchange of ad hominem attacks. There's no place in the world, other than maybe FOX News, where any of the things she was saying would have accepted as valid arguments. Brian stayed calm, though, and did what he should have done by not descending to her level, and letting her continue to expose herself for the shrill, irrational, rambling moron that she is.

Thanks for all the work you guys do.



Joshua sent you a message.

Subject: Good for you.

I know this will inflate your ego tremendously, as it should (not to say that I think your ego is inflated - not yet at least) but I rank you among company of Professor Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens as men who have inspired me to come out as a non-believer to my family. Yay you.

Sincerely and without god,


P.S. It must have been brutal to deal with Kirk and Ray and their gross onslaught of misinformation in the Nightline? (if I remember correctly) debate. I love your expression when Kirk busts out his crocoduck. I've always wanted to make a great crocoduck costume for halloween.


Dan sent a message using the contact form at

Dear Brian,
I was brought up as a beleiving christian. I began to lose my faith after much study, and questions that went unanswered by my parents and fellow church members. Specifically numbers chapter 31 with the slaughter of the Midianites. You see, I was taught that it was the holy spirit that governs my moral compass... I could not reconcile why my conscience would tell me that it was wrong, and yet god's word says it's ok. If these two beings are one in the same, I knew there shouldn't be any conflict at all. This is when I realized what Machiavelli meant when he said, "you can do anything in the name of god (paraphrazed)".

I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and dedication. It was people like yourself that helped me to better understand, and articulate the doubts I was having as I became an adult.

My relationship with my family is not what it was, but at least I am being honest with myself and them. At least I can justify my world view.

Best wishes, keep up the good work.



Just want to say thanks for all the time and money you spend fighting the good fight. I have been keeping up with your website for years. You are part of the reason I realized I was atheist. Keep doing good work....and know that it does make a difference.



"Yes, Brian I am very familiar with your work from the RRS to the Blasphemy challenge. You seem to have a knack for finding the sweet spot and exploiting it. Keep up the good work." - Darrel Ray ED.D. 


Thank you for your reply. I would also like you to know that you have been a positive example in my life an in my becoming more active in my atheism over the last 5-6 years. If I can ever offer any help to your cause or that of any others please let me know. Thanks again for everything that you do for the Atheist cause and rational people everywhere. - Nate Herrmann


Jameson Sawyer wrote:

 ‎"Clarity and education is the best gift you can give on this day full of sharing.".. I so love that [movie. And all it cost me to get my copy was my 'immortal soul'.. wasn't using it anyway. And as a postscript to this story.. that movie was one of the tools I used to help guide my mother down the path to her own enlightenment. So Brian.. I guess THAT was your Christmyth present to me. And it's just the right size! Smiling


Ryan James Coddington wrote:

I will not bore you with a long drawn out message as I'm sure you receive a ton. Instead, I'd rather just like to give you a very quick thank you for all the reasonable, intelligent, scientific creatures of this planet and more then likely the universe. What you do is stellar and someday I hope to educate the masses in a way that you do Brian. TYVM for your dedication to this struggle of facts vs fictions.




Ginny Forbes wrote:

Thank you, Brian. I am one who left religion behind as a result of just by accident one day coming across an atheist vs theists debate on Yahoo. Then I went to the IIDB , and Rational Response, and I can definitely say that were all atheists to take the attitude of William Daniel, there would be a lot less atheists. And I would be still in the land of the delusional, and that makes me shudder at the thought! Thanks, Brian!

Novelist Glenn Kleier wrote:

I like the way you Freethink, Brian.

Joseph Schmidt wrote:

... It made me think about your videos and how miss the old RRS vids. That Kirk Cameron/Ray Cumfart debate. JFC. You guys helped me get my brother to move from "no one really knows" to full atheist. Thanks - for real. source


greensanz wrote:
 brian how many times can i say you're my hero...


Susan wrote:


Not only are you my hero, you are (dare I say it?) a god to me.

You have had incredible patience throughout the MySpace thread and have continued to offer rational, common sense replies. SOURCE


Julio wrote:

Dear Brian Sapient... almighty person of rationalism

 I came across that "ray comfort" link you posted a while ago and now im listening to it. I write to you really to say that I love people like you. The "rationals" People who know shit and who have logic. I didn?t know "ray comfort" was from "the way of the master" until you guys (in that radio talk show) started talking about the 10% knowledge jokes. While im listening to this and listening to the logic in the arguments, i feel better.

It is nice to know that there are people in this world who are not dogmatic, radical, and in logically. People like you and your groups and people like luigi from italy might just change the world one day. This at the very least i do hope. Something to think about- If luigi can destroy the vatican religion peacefully without violence when all the crusades and unpeacefulness attempts to destroy it have failed, then who knows what is possible with knowledge.

The only thing that can stop it is main stream media or censorship. But i believe that eventually humans are not stupid. But i hope im not foolish in believing in this. -peace out and GLHF with the things you do (forgive me for not making paragraphs or caring to check for grammar, but i hope you enjoyed reading this "fan mail"Eye-wink

L Repucci wrote:

I just caught your show tonight -- consider me a fan. Keep fighting the good fight, and I will keep listening/spreading the word.


Logos Invictus

From: Trent Date: Mar 8, 2006 4:12 PM In my heroes list. I love what you guys do and support you 100%. Never give up and never surrender!

From: BOTBFFLCHICKABOWWOWWOW Date: Mar 8, 2006 9:59 PM i thought christianity was about peace and love or something but it's people like that who make me want to not be christian even more...they claim they try to save everyone yet they just exploit someone's weaknesses to make them feel bad...you guys really are doing a good job

From: HAPPY NOISE Date: Mar 8, 2006 10:36 PM You're awesome. That's all that needs to be said.

blech kudos for you actually trying to communicate with them. i'd feel like a vulcan finally making contact with hu-mans after centuries!! gaaahh!! can't stand christians. i experience cognitive dissonance every time i have to interact with them. Sad -penHELLope k.

From: Sean
Date: Jun 26, 2006 7:12 PM


Hello you all!
I was reading you profile, and I thought that you all were some of the greatest people alive.

But do have fun being one of the few rational in the biblebelt.




From: </3 Puff-Money $moke-2-green</3
Date: Jun 26, 2006 11:56 AM


i love your group and the ideas. we need some free thought in this fucking country. sometimes i still feel like we live in a overly human world. wars, famine, religious persecution, etc.



From: Mr K. Foto-Graph-Ie
Date: Mar 26, 2006 5:57 PM



Matt wrote:

When I saw your profile on my myspace friends request I thought "no, can't be the rational that I am thinking of". However I clicked your link and nearly went to tears. You guys are the best thing since Wasteland of Wonders Atheism. Ben Franklin, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton. These are the people we should be worshipping. All I have to say is that with you guys, we may just see an end to circular arguments and crappy relgious biases. I wish I could talk to you guys in person, but since I'm sure you guys have plenty of fans out there, I just wnat to say good job, you guys are a beacon of light, hope, and strong leadership for atheists in a world of religious bullshit. I just wish I could be part of it too! Keep up the good work, and don't give up. It won't be easy, trust me, I know!



Hello, my name is ******* *********. I'd just like to say I respect you're organization.

I recently lost my job because I spoke my mind in the workplace, and if I had the chance again, I'd most certainly do it again.

I feel they made me resign for such an ignorant and unjust reason, but I couldn't help it, everyone who worked there was a vicious christian. Its amazing what can happen when you tell the truth.

Hello my name is Crystal and I've been an Atheist. I have been for about 6 years now. And in those six years I don't know how many times I have been told; It's an age thing, When you find your calling...., or your going to hell. Which the last one happens to be my personal favorite being that I can't go to a place that doesn't exsist. I just wanted to say thank you for what you are doing. Every thing that you say I have been trying to tell people for years when they ask why I chose not to be religious. So thanks.


my dad got me into you your so fucking cool.


(protecting name) 

- 14 yr old from the UK


Ben wrote:

I need to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing here.

Being an atheist my whole life I have struggled to find a place where I belong, where people won't look down on me or try to hurt me in some way for looking at the world and asking why and how.

I went to church every wednesday and twice on sunday until I was 13-14 years old and could establish my freedom of choice. When I was 6 years old I was told by my pastor god is all knowing and all powerful and knows everything that is going to happen until the end of time and that god has condemned us, the people he created, to an eternity of torment for making us flawed. Now he didn't say it those words exactly but that is the point, and at the age of 6 I realized that christianity is wrong, plain and simple. But when I voiced my thoughts on this I was shocked because everyone flipped and I got in trouble for thinking.

Ever since then I have been afraid to speak my mind on the subject and I have been made to feel like a bad person for questioning what is going on. I even tried to believe, I tried SO HARD for SO LONG and couldn't do it. I accepted Jesus 4 seperate times and each time I wanted, really wanted, to be changed and each time I wasn't and was ashamed of it.

Thank you for making me realize that I have nothing to be ashamed of and that I am not somehow wrong or a bad person for being the way I am. I am no longer alone.

Liz wrote:

HI I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to accept my beliefs! Since I was a child I didn't understand believing in God, I tried to tell people that I didn't believe the crap they tried to force it on me even more and I was looked at like I was crazy. Every one said they felt sorry for me b/c I'll Burn in hell for not believing. Well I am now proud to say that I'm an atheist! I'm not scared! Thanks to your motivation! I checked out your myspace and it led me to many other websites. I discovered that there are so many more people than I ever thought that belived the same basics that I did! You've really helped me to reassure myself that I do know what I'm talking about and that they are the crazy ones for beliving in that nonsence! I just wish more people can come to the same realization that we have! Thanks again so much! Your awesome for all that you do!


Named wrote:

I remember reading the Bible as a young child, possibly 10 or so. At such an age, even with my mental faculties under-developed, I still regarded what I could understand of that nonsense book to be laughable. It boggled my young mind to think how an ADULT could be witless enough to believe that drivel. I say this truthfully- it insulted my intellect. The intellect of a CHILD.
I suppose that was a blessing of how I was raised. By a Theist but, an open-minded mother who did not even try to indoctrinate me with her spirituality.

For too long I have been a pascifistic Atheist. I pity the religious but do nothing but laugh and walk away when they stand ranting on the streets or on an internet forum.

The Rational Responders have encouraged me to rise up again to fight the plague of non-thinking destroying my fellow humans.
I understand now that this is my moral obligation.


Mathieu wrote:

I'd like to tell you that you are the inspiration which finally made me make the leap to atheism. I repost your bulletins whenever I can to try and end the plague of religion. Living in Texas, I have an especially hard time, my home being the buckle of the Bible belt. My question was, how can I embed your videos into my bulletins to repost them? Ive been copying the url's and reposting that but I feel like none of my friends take the time to watch them. Anyway, thanks for your time and keep up the good work!

Steven wrote:

this one person abandoning religion makes the entire Blashpemy Challenge a success, even if nobody else uses it to see through the lies society presents us. i would really like to say thank you for organizing such a well planned and controversial event.

i haven't been friends with you for very long on here, but i enjoy everything you post and all your unwavering evidence of the failures of religion, and it's really helped me personally. atheism is not at all brought to the public's eye enough, and i'm overjoyed that it's starting to grow to an extent. i won't keep you any longer, but please keep up the magnificent work for the world's sake

Patches wrote:

I would like to thank you guys very much. You freed me from the blindness that religion causes. I've never believed in "God", per se, but I didn't deny him either. I had this preconception that atheism was bad, and I wasn't until I visited the site that I learned it's ok to be atheist.

Since I've become an atheist my personality and intelect has soared because the bonds of religious fallacy and irrationality no longer constricts me.

I've recently told my mom that I'm an atheist, and because of the things I've learned from this site, I didn't come across as an uneducated child. I've also become more comfortable with myself but one thing I wish would change, and is why I support what you do, is the crap I have to put up with from religionists, mainly christians.

But I digress, What you guys do is exceptional. Please keep up the good work, and thank you for freeing my mind.


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Subject: Kudos to you and Kelly!!!


> Great job on ABC!!! Just watched the online debate!

> Just terrific!

> Roy Speckhardt
> Executive Director


Meghan Regis wrote:

Congratulations on kicking Mike Seaver's ass! Mustachio took a blow to his ego as well!

You guys did a great job- clear, concise, and very powerful. Even skillful Nightline editing couldn't detract from your awesome arguments and your stage presence. You guys deserve as much attention and praise as humanly possible, so enjoy it! Keep up the good work and fightin' the good fight.

On behalf of the Atheist Agenda, thanks for kicking ass and taking names for atheism!

Meghan Regis

P.S. My favorite part was the breakdown of all the evils of religion and the statement "But yeah, you can do some good with religion". Great point! The "benefits" of religion definitely aren't worth all the torment, child abuse, and suffering.


David Silverman wrote:

"You guys kicked Ray Comforts ass. It was amazing." - David Silverman (President of American Atheists)

Ellen Johnson wrote:

"I want you to be 100 times angrier than you are now, I think the anger is great. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and you're getting the grease" - Ellen Johnson Ex-President of American Atheists on Brian Sapient

Tufty The Squirrel wrote:

 Just a quick message. I just wanted to thank you for all of the help that you and the rest of the RRS have given me. Before I found out about you guys I was almost ashamed to be an atheist, and I thought that it was something that I should keep to myself if at all possible.

You have helped me to learn that atheism is something to be proud of, because it shows rationality and clarity of thought. Also you have given me the counter arguments to all of the cases put forward by religious types and helped me to strengthen my convictions. For this I thank you.

I have written a blog about my conversion to atheism, and my reasons for non-belief if you ever get bored and want to read it.

Your fan and supporter,

Alex Ryan, South-West England

Fluffz wrote:

Hey Sapient,

I only joined like two days ago but I've been a fan of RR for a while.

I was never too good with words and debating religion was always hard for me.

I can honestly say that after reading your posts and watching some videos I feel much more confident to challenge religious people while once I wouldn't even bother and things like Pascals Wager would totally shoot me down - I had answers in my head that I didn't quite know how to express.

Debating religion gave me the confidence to debate on other subjects as well, with my physics teacher for an example - before that, challenging anyone with higher education than my own seemed like suicide.

So thank you Sapient, for your work and dedication.

I'll be sure to donate whenever I get the chance, I'm just a highschool student but yeah, as soon as I have the chance (source)

introspection wrote:


My name is Mike and I'm currently residing in TN and have been here for about nine years. I finally got around to writing you! I just have to comment on what a great job you did debating Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. I watched it on YouTube and happened to stumble across it while I was searching for evolution/creation debates. I would have to say my favorite part is when you offered to pay for Ray and Kirk's tickets to the Museum of Natural History. Did they ever take you up on that??? Anyway since then I have seen you and Kelly in many interviews and debates both individually and together. You both do a great job in debating creationists.

Keep up the good work!


P.S. I loved the reply you gave Kirk when he said that he would be praying for you. "You pray for me, I'll think for you." If you don't mind, can I use this statement if I'm told that I'm being prayed for? LOL


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Subject: [Letters supporting our efforts!] You guys rock!!!

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I have officially stopped being a Christian since watching your awesome debade against Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. Mr. Brian and Ms. Kelly, you rock. You defended your beliefs well and kicked arse. I just wanted to thank RRS for freeing my mind. If you have any, ANY, info, please send it my way!!!

Bob Carson wrote:

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Hey Brian,


I recently came across your interview with that socialite Laura Ingraham. I was really impressed with the way schooled her. You have a great podcast!Where can I listen to it?

I myself am a podcaster. I do a podcast on MMA- I'm starting to do a political show as well. I want to attack people like Laura Ingraham both on a professional and personal level. You know, like dig up dirt, investigative report, eyada, eyada. What advice could you give me? What can I do to support your cause? Thanks!


From: Havenfall

To: Sapient
Subject: Thanks
Date: December 8, 2008 - 7:21pm


 I fully realize that you may get a lot of messages and may not read this, but oh well. I was never really a fundamentalist christian, but my parents were. Luckily they were lazy and quit going to church when I was about eight years old. So for the most part I was a moderate christian (I realize now maybe moderate christianity is even more irrational).

This site kinda put me off at first, I did a lot more reading than posting. I do consider myself a logical person, so logic did win out in the end. I am now a full fledged atheist. I call myself an atheist because of what you wrote, rather than agnostic. I do not have a belief in a god, but I assume its entirely possible our existence was constructed by an alien being. I just have no reason to specifically believe that we were, and that belief would only hold me back from finding out the truth one way or the other.



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Eternal thanks to all who participate in RRS. My deconversion began with the Nightline debate. Then I came across your radio shows...and that pushed me over the edge. Thanks to the brilliance and eloquence of Mr. Sapient, Ms. Kelly, Mr. Rook, Mr. Mike and the others, I have been released from the shackles of irrational belief. As a result I have been shunned by my own family, but I am comforted in the thought that I'm not the only one and that there are still those out there (like the RRS) who have the courage to speak out against the harm that is theism. THANK YOU!!!

With my eternal gratitude,
Drina F.

Amar wrote:

 Hey Brian.

I just wanted to thank you for helping me among others on the internet, to find the truth to why we humans are here. Thank you very much, to you, Penn Gillette/Teller, Dawkins, Hitchens, Darwin, Zappa, and others. Keep doing what you're doing. - Amar

Chanman, the young man featured in our Blasphemy Challenge stated he was an atheist because of our website.



Having read through most of the thread, I think you are a very brave and very patient man. More patient than me, by far. I salute you, sir, for your commitment to reason, sanity, and logic. from Victoria.



Infamous, again! I hope there is some fun in it for you b/c your patience and hope must be taking hits. You'll dealing with the least reasonable. And trying to be reasonable. I commend you. Losing insulation from like minds can be an awakening. Too bad they have nothing valid to offer you but your own shock and pity in their emotional maneuvering through life.

My dad is a Scientist and Atheist. I've watched it happen all my life on Univ campuses. And some ppl were mean to me b/c of it. He nurtured me to stand up straight, look ppl in the eye and say what I have to say. Confidence, not fear, is powerful currency.
He's a kind man. like you. So many of my friends continued relationships with him after I moved to the West Coast b/c they needed a reasonable influence, not manipulative, to survive.
You're the Big Daddy of nurturing Reason.

Luckily virtual access has allowed you to umbrella this influence. It's really is an altruistic and demanding role your willing to fill. Everyone benefits, whether they realize or will admit it.
I wish more Atheists were political. I would love to see so many limitations and prejudices corrected in my lifetime but it seems we're in a 'save 'em from religion" phase when ppl need to heal and grow. But I hope, in my lifetime, we can make permanent changes in real equality and kindness out of reason, not fear.
Thanks for setting the stage and bring so many to the point of function we will need to do legal and political work in the future.  Delvina Crumbaugh from here.


Brian Sapient You have made a safe place for atheists. Take comfort in that. Your Blasphemy challenge probably helped thousands who just needed a nudge and you and your old team gave them one. You are going to laugh but I knew theists who took your challenge who were in the spiritual-but-not-religious category. while they may have missed the point of your challenge they found an outlet for their Christian pain. I lost some friends too over their allegiance to Trump. I took solace in the idea that I stayed the same but their outward demeanor drastically changed in 2016 when he came to power. Some of them I stayed friends with / agree to disagree friends. You are doing a great job with this forum. - Robert L from here.