#0005 RRS Newsletter for June 4, 2007

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This edition may be coming out a little late in the evening, but here goes.

I'm going to get right to the point tonight. I'll start with some interesting links I've found, then get to the things I've received today.

This first link is (again) from the National Geographic site. It's concerning the supposed claim of the discovery of the tomb of Jesus.

Jesus' Tomb Found in Israel, Filmmakers Claim

Now, the inevitable backlash from that.

Jesus' Tomb Claim Slammed By Scholars

Here's an article concerning a possibly habitable planet found outside our solar system.

First Habitable Earthlike Planet Found, Experts Say

Next, an article about the future of our universe.

Future Universe Will "Stop Expanding," Experts Suggest

One more article, this one concerning a previously unobserved, but predicted type of star death.

"Brightest Supernova Ever" Reveals New Kind of Star Death

This is the video (part 1 and 2) that Ohio RRS head healthy addict made on her trip to the Creation "Museum" that opened last week in Kentuky.

Here's the best of the posts I've received today.

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Date: Jun 4, 2007 7:53 AM


Creationism in a NUT shell
The URL :

The Video:
Creationism in a Nut Shell

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Date: Jun 4, 2007 9:09 AM

Creationism In Schools

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Alan Combes interview Dawkins on Fox radio program

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Date: Jun 4, 2007 9:13 AM


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Date: Jun 4, 2007 9:41 AM

Ohio Rational Responders

Urge a friend to do so too!

ACT NOW! Urge Pres. Bush NOT to veto the stem cell bill.

Dear Rational Responders,

The U.S. House of Representatives plans to vote on the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act (S.5) this week. Unfortunately, despite the changes brought about by last year’s election - and the bipartisan support this bill is receiving - it looks extremely unlikely that we will get a veto-proof majority on this issue in the House. We are now shifting our focus to the President. We hope that every American who cares about the ability of the NIH to use the best materials possible in their research will ask President Bush NOT to veto the bill.

Read more and take action on our Web site now. Our new Action Alert system provides you a direct method of sending an e-mail to the President right from our site. And for those who prefer, we also provide phone and FAX numbers for the White House.

The Secular Coalition for America believes it is cruel for the President's personal theology to dictate the limits of medical research. Millions suffer from debilitating conditions that stem cells might alleviate. Please take action on our Web site now.

With thanks,
Lori Lipman Brown, Director
Secular Coalition for America

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From: Dangerous Talk
Date: Jun 4, 2007 2:48 AM

Help prove that atheists are charitable, please donate at least $10 to Atheists for Autism Reseach. That isn't a lot of money and it will help to show that we are just as moral as Christians.

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From: Ohio Rational Responders
Date: Jun 4, 2007 6:01 AM

Source here.


Biblical battle of creation groups Michael McKenna June 04, 2007

AN unholy war has erupted between a star of the US evangelical movement and his Australian flock, with claims of bullying and unbiblical behaviour.
Former NSW chief magistrate Clarrie Briese, who nearly brought down former High Court judge Lionel Murphy, has led a confidential investigation into the international dispute being fought out among the international arms of "creationist" ministries.

A week after former Queensland science teacher Ken Ham opened the world's first Creation Museum - a $33 million facility in Petersburg, Kentucky - he is being sued by the Australian evangelical organisation he helped to set up and which served as a springboard for his leap into the US evangelical movement two decades ago.

Mr Ham is one of the leading lights of the creationist movement, arguing against evolutionary science with claims the world is only 6000 years old, was created in six days by God and that dinosaurs walked the planet alongside humans.

The 55-year-old father of five is heard every day on more than 1000 radio stations across the US, is a regular on the Christian speaking circuit and has set up arms of his organisation in Britain and Canada.

The Brisbane-based Creation Ministries International has filed a lawsuit in Queensland's Supreme Court against Mr Ham and his Kentucky-based Answers in Genesis ministry seeking damages and accusing him of deceptive conduct in his dealings with the Australian organisation.

The suit focuses on a dispute over the Australian organisation's production of a creationist magazine, sold in the US to more than 35,000 subscribers, and has led to revelations about the three-year battle between the two ministries.

A 40-page report, written by Mr Briese and obtained by The Australian, reveals a bitter power struggle across the Pacific that began with a challenge to the power Mr Ham allegedly wielded over the ministries.

Mr Briese, a Christian, exposed one of Australia's most contentious legal scandals when he told a Senate committee inquiry in 1984 that Murphy had asked him to influence the trial of Sydney solicitor Morgan Ryan, with the words, "What about my little mate?". Murphy was convicted of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice before being cleared on a retrial.

A magistrate between 1982 and 90, Mr Briese found in his report that Mr Ham and his US organisation had launched a campaign after his leadership was challenged by his US deputy, Brandon Vallorani, who was then sacked, and Australian leader Carl Wieland, who was later allegedly the subject of innuendo about his private life.

According to Mr Briese's report, the campaign last year also involved John Mackay, a former associate of Mr Ham in Queensland, who was excommunicated in the 1980s after making allegations of witchcraft and necrophilia against a fellow member of the ministry.

The joint Australian-US push for reforms came amid concerns over Mr Ham's domination of the ministries, the amount of money being spent on his fellow executives and a shift away from delivering the creationist message to raising donations.

In his report, Mr Briese said Mr Ham and the US organisation responded with sackings, bullying and, in some instances, "unbiblical/unethical/unlawful behaviour" towards the Australian ministry that he suspected was intended to send it into bankruptcy.

"The report recommends that if CMI is to fulfil its fiduciary responsibilities to protect and safeguard the Australian ministry, CMI, and have a recalcitrant Answers in Genesis-USA brought to account for the serious wrongs it has committed," he said, "CMI has no option left except to bring AiG-USA before the secular courts, the 'powers that be ordained by God' under Romans 13."

Dr Wieland declined to comment yesterday and Mr Ham could not be reached.

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Date: Jun 4, 2007 7:44 AM


Atheist Movie Supporter

norton420 - ATHEIST was listed in your MS profile. As a fellow atheist, please allow me to tell you about the FREE online viewing of our award-winning movie that was produced and funded by atheists. Links are below.

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HEART of the BEHOLDER Web Theater

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Date: Jun 4, 2007 7:52 AM

The Horned One

Joe Biden just said ....... on CNN

From: Rational Response Squad So. California
Date: Jun 4, 2007 5:29 PM

"America is the only nation in the world that was founded upon the notion that there is a god, we hold these truths self evident, that all men are created equal, etc."

"We are a spirtiual nation we are a nation of faith"

Wow, I guess you don't have to have a firm grasp on the history of the country in order to run for office. I really liked the etc part of is comment. All men are created equal, etc. Last time I read the Contstituion of the United States, I did not see this little tidbit.