#0004 RRS Newsletter for June 3, 2007

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Good day readers. Today was a bit light on interesting posts, so I will supplement with some original material I've been holding for just such an occasion. First, I would like to say that I hope you all checked out the top link I posted in the last edition. The transitional form debate has been raging for quite some time, and the finding in that article proves that there has been a transitional form, or "missing link", found linking Homo Sapiens to their primate ancestors. I realize that when presented with this evidence, most creationists will probably either say, "Satan planted that!", or the moderates will say, "That only proves there was a creature that resembled a human, maybe it was just a physically deformed Human!", among other responses like running away or burrying their head in the sands of the Bible. Since I accidentally deleted it, (yeah, I suck) I did save it for anyone who would like it. Here's that link again.

Oldest Homo Sapiens Fossils Found, Experts Say

This first thing I wanna post was sent to me by one of my members here in MI. It's the story of his encounter with the Way of the Master foot soldiers in Grand Rapids, Michigan at an art festival. Thanks dEd Grimley, this is what he had to say,

"I apologize if this gets a little long, but I thought you all could use a good testimonial. Today, RRS probably saved my life... or my sanity, one of the two.

For those of us in West Michigan, the Grand Rapids Festival of Arts is a very popular event. Apparently, this year it was popular for a group of people who call themselves, "The Way of the Master." There were several of them wandering around looking for people who, I assume, look like me, in that they don't look like traditional Christians, or are some sort of rebel or something. I got picked off by two, one of whom I debated. The first one wanted to ask me questions about Jesus, and I thought he ended up being kind of a prick, but when he started the, "Do you think you're a good person" spiel, I thought it all sounded very familiar. So I told him I was done, and moved on. But then, as I was sitting down to eat later, another one came by, and opened with a semi clever joke, that had nothing to do with religion. And he really wasn't a douche. So I heard him out. Fortunately, as I had seen the debate on YouTube of the RRS v. The Way of the Master, I pretty knew what to expect. In fact, I answered most of his questions as soon as the first word or two came out. So anyway, he eventually saw that he wasn't making any headway on me, and I probably put a bit more doubt into him, so he moved on.
The moral of the story is, if you haven't seen the debate, please do so. I'll stop now, since this has gone on long enough.
And Kelly is hot."

He went on in an E-mail to say,

"...one thing I found interesting about my conversation with the guy was that he mentioned that he was given certain things to discuss with people when he does this sort of... aggressive missionary work, I guess you could call it... similar to talking points. It just seems to me that the country on the whole seems to be resorting to this preset set of words, (I'm speaking in the most part about the current federal government. If you watch the Daily Show and see the montage of the administration saying the exact same key words on the various news talk shows on the same days.) and more specifically the political right.

I think it really kind of defeats the purpose of spontaneous debates if one side can answer a question before its asked, or respond to a comment that hasn't been made. While talking points might work well for... Oh, let's just be nice and call it propaganda and not say brainwashing... they don't seem to help these guys out when put on the spot."

Keep the stories like this comming guys! If any of you has an interesting story of a close encounter with fundies, send me a message or a comment. With your permission, I will post it.

So, now on with the linkage and other posts I've received today.

This first link is to a debate between Sam Harris and Rick Warren, a Christian Pastor and the founder of the "Saddleback" chuch in California. It's a bit lengthy, but a good read.

The God Debate

This next article was written by the most recent rising star of the atheist movement, Christopher Hitchens. His views on Mother Teresa.

Mommie Dearest

This is where we go into the video section of my additions, lol. This first one is one of my favorites, it's on the RRS MI page, but I just wanted to share it again. Goerge Carlin on religion! All praise Joe Pesci!

This is a clip from Real Time with Bill Maher where he interviews Dennis Kucinich, my personal favorite democratic Presidential candidate. He comes off as very honest, which is precisely why he won't get the nomination, unfortunately, lol. That and he says he wants to de-criminalize marijuana, that alone will kill his chances. Regardless, I like the dude (despite the fact that he's a vegan!), check out his interview.

I thought I'd throw this in for shits and giggles. One of my favorite bands doing a song for one of my favorite movies. A Perfect Circle did a song for the Constantine soundtrack. I give you, "Passive"!

Now, on to the best of what I've received today, enjoy!

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Well, that's about it for today. Stay rational, and thanks for reading!
and the RRS MI team