What if god is an extraterrestrial being?

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What if god is an extraterrestrial being?


Seriously, let me posit the idea that there is some species on some planet “out there”. They have solved all of the problems that they will ever face.


Ecology? I tend to think that we are going to get a hold on the matter in a century or two, if we survive that long.


Sociology? We are already pretty tightly packed as a species. That and we have the internet. We all know each other and we all deal with people around the planet daily. If we survive, we will figure shit out some how.


So the ET/god drops by earth to tell us what the deal is...


So the OT basically says that if you are a good jew, nobody will get hurt.


The NT says (apart from the crap that was added in the middle ages) that you should be nice to people.


Wow! No shit!


If god had not happened to drop by, we would not have figured this much out on our own?

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    Excuse me,but are you saying that god is a extraterrestrial,that sounds like a argument that creationist hit you with.  

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I'd love it


If an extraterrestrial Duke Leto Atreides-type god showed up, body layered in sand trout, demanding his followers worship his walrus form and venerate his odd stench.

The conservative christian could never worship a god who was not like them or some sort of a personified sun god, ablaze with light. An alien god would be hilarious.

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