What do you think of the stainedtees advertisement?

 I have a new advertiser.  For the next few weeks an image ad is on some pages of the website on the right hand side for a t-shirt company.  It's controversial, so I thought I'd give people a chance to lash out or comment in general.  What do you think of the ad?  What do you think of the shirts?  Would you buy one?  What would you think of someone who was wearing one?  What are your thoughts?

Here it is:



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Well, I don't think that I

Well, I don't think that I would wear most of those shirts at work. As far as around here, if their cash is as green as any, then it is green and good.

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Kind of different - but a) I

Kind of different - but a) I don't have money to spend on t-shirts and b) I buy clothes for work which when worn out I then wear on weekends until they fall apart.  I'm cheap.

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Quote:What would you think


What would you think of someone who was wearing one?


I'd think they're a tool.






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 Pineapple did you see the

 Pineapple did you see the "Militant Buddhist" shirt? I have to get one. Love it, love controversial t-shirts, love pissing off easily offended types. 

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Cpt_pineapple wrote:


What would you think of someone who was wearing one?


I'd think they're a tool.



Your negative comment has just endorsed the product, in my opinion.  Eye-wink

I had to explain the 'cat and magnet' tee to a couple of people. That's a bonus. I have two occasions per year where I would most certainly wear that one. lol.

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Not my cup of tea

 Still, seems harmless and money is power.

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Sorry; my assisted living

Sorry; my assisted living nurse//caretaker-animal decides what I wear.


Actually, I think 'whatever works' + why don't  they carry a "DUDE! I totally did her in the back of my mom's minivan..." version?

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I love the new Arcade Fire

I love the new Arcade Fire banners though. I was at the performance they are advertising and it was easily the best live show I've ever seen

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