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If one has something mundane to say, one goes to a mundane place, and says it to a mundane group of people, in myspace or something. If one finds a place that is interesting and is full of interesting people, why would you continue to say mundane things?

There are few opportunities in life to voice your considered opinion and actually have it listened to. There are even fewer places where a disagreement means a discussion, or a friendly, intellectual arguement rather than an exchange of insults.

So it is with this in mind that I offer a friendly shake of the hand to everyone who is reading this. I would like to let you know straight out that I often say things that might challenge your opinion or world view, but it is only because I also have opinions that I feel are necessary to exchange, and in turn have challenged.

I love discussion, intellectual debate and radically differing opinions. I always seek to respect the opinions of others even if I radically disagree. I believe that challenging things people have always taken for granted is one of the crucial ways that humans can progress, even if it at first leaves you indignant.

Without those who tirelessly seek to have profound thought taken seriously, without those who are unafraid to challenge norms, or those who are afraid and do it anyway, what would become of the human species? And Darwin? There is a certain pleasure to be had in sobriety. Think about it Eye-wink

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Wonderful! We are glad to


We are glad to have you here.

Obviously, you know that you and I have disagreed on our first exchange. I understand you to say that you respect and even welcome our disagreement. This is also wonderful. If you've read many of the posts here, you know that the only real rule is, "Answer rational questions with rational responses, or be prepared for dissection."

I would challenge you to offer as many of your opinions as possible, and maintain an open mind, and be willing to accept the possibility that you might well be proven wrong. The beauty of free-thinking is the possibility of learning one's own mistakes, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are quite willing to be proven wrong on any matter.

At the very least, the vast majority of us have gone through the process of realizing that our entire view of the universe was wrong. We've had to re-assess our beliefs in light of a system of logic that was completely at odds with our upbringing. I dare say that most of us have been proven wrong, and have had to re-adjust our world views.

So welcome to the boards. I look forward to a good discussion or two!

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I can't stand people who

I can't stand people who "hang out" in threads as opposed to discussing/debating things.