The reason why people believe in a god (or many)

A common question among some of my theist friends is "why do people believe in a god" and "how do they begin to believe in a god in the first place"

here is one of the more plausible answers that we came up with for the question "how do they begin to believe in a god in the first place"
the answer is "hypnotism"


sure, it sounds wierd at first but it's not so wierd once you

think of it rationaly, if you ever sat in a church or listened to a televangilist then you will notice that there is a process by which the ministers "prapare thier victems for indoctranation, they prey (meditate) sing, and tel you all kinds of things to prapare your mind to accept "the truth" they even tell you that it is the truth,

I used to be fine with it but now i believe that it is a gross human rights violation and should be exposed for wwhat it is,


Zax vagen

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That's an interesting

That's an interesting theory, Zax vagen.

It always amused me that the collection plate was passed (at least where I went to church) before the sermon.  I wasn't sure if it was because the contributions would go down if the sermon was bad or if it was because half the congregation was asleep.



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