Thanks Hovind family...

I just wanted to say thank you to the Creation Science Evangelism Ministries who have refueled my passion to help end the horrible atrocities that religion has caused to our minds.

I love you guys!

Threads on this issue:

Helping to sue

False copyright

Tell us your Hovind/CSE censorship story.

P.S. Kathy Griffin, I love you too.

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Creation Science

I can't think of much that gets me pissed faster than these Christian Science nuts. A co-worker who    knows I'm an atheist invited my to see this
Witnessing using Creation Honored Guest speaker - Bill Morgan, P.E. Mechanical Engineer for the US Navy, former VP of Orange County Creation Science Assoc. At the age of 26, he got a few facts on Creation, then did further investigation - Now he is a leading Creation Evangelist teaching how Creation is better science than Evolution. His technique has "evolved" over many years of street witnessing. He will teach you and your children the most effective ways to witness to atheists and evolutionists in schools, at work or on the street- no matter what level of science knowledge you have!So I figure fuck it, I'll go, it's free and its right around the corner. Maybe he'll take questions? Maybe I'll get my ass kicked out the door. Who knows.Hey have you seen this site that takes the piss out of Frank Walton the atheismsucks guy? It follows him around the internet catching all his bullshit trolling and posts it. Its a fucking riot. It's at:

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Brian,I called the number

Brian,I called the number you gave in your video[before the bastards banned you] and talked with Mrs or Ms Heldmyer's answering machine.Did it after you get banned

 Please don't be a wrathful GlurbSad only followed your example

 PS:You owe me 4.99 CDN lol