Smallkowski family victim of atheist hate crime? (RRS Newsletter)

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We've covered the Smallkowski family story here before. Nicole Smallkowski refused to say a prayer at her high school basketball game and instead recited a godless version of our Pledge of Allegiance. Nicole was kicked out of school soon after. The battle hasn't been an easy one. They've been threatened and told to leave town a great many times... they wont give up.

Was the fire at their property this weekend a maliciously planned attack? If so, are the police involved? Considering their role in the Smallkowski federal hearing, it's not off the wall to suspect our most paranoid and worst fears.

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Smallkowski fire

I can't find any information about a fire anywhere on the web, including in your own newsletter.  The links shown on this page go either to a list of newsletters, or to a blank newsletter.  I see an account of a summary judgment in the case between the Smallkowskis and the high school principal in August 2007, but no information about any fire.  Is this story for real?

This is what I

Anonymousse wrote:

I can't find any information about a fire anywhere on the web

This is what I found:

Google cache

I used the word 'arson' in my google search querry, because 'fire' had too many contexts to discern from in a google listing. And, obviously until it has been confirmed, it wouldn't necessarily be arson, but it would most likely come up as a question.

Of course, this one listing isn't much to go on and I didn't find much else with my google listing; any more confirmations of the fire? I'm just curious.