Recovering nicely

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While I am staying at my sister's house, and I do get headaches putting up with her, I am recovering nicely. 

I am going out tomorrow for lunch with several old friends, and had dinner with another last night. 

The thing I am waiting for is for my "patient advocate" - i.e., my sister - to find a cardiopulmonary rehab that accepts my insurance and is close enough for her to drive me back and forth. According to her, it is likely to be 3 sessions per week for 10 weeks. I will need to stay at her house until it is all over. This doesn't exactly make me very cheerful, but I can't really see that I have much choice in the matter. 

In other news, I got a new laptop and a new cellphone, so I have been having fun getting them all set up t my liking. 

Next thing is to start participating in some atheist forum other than facebook. 

glad to hear you're

glad to hear you're recovering, what ails you?


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 I had a mechanical aortic valve that needed replacing after I caught a staph infection. Various other procedures were also required, resulting in a 2 month hospital stay.  I was without any internet or much telephone contact for much of that time, and I was also 6 hours away from my nearest relative.  It's all good now, though. I'm just building up my strength, now. 

No prayers or miracles required. 

Thanks for asking. 

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Good luck in regaining your

Good luck in regaining your freedom and health as soon as possible.

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Thanks. So far, things are going well.