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I've been spending my mind-numbing, but busy worktime trying to think of the absolutely dumbest thing that has ever gotten anyone noticed by the 'mainstream' media.

I will never understand why Perez Hilton gets to sit at the judge's table for Miss USA. Isn't that like putting a vegetarian in charge of the cattle association???? How in this miserable age did that fucker rate a seat in front of allegedly the best women America has to offer?


The people that put him there wanted to capitalize on a stupid fucker that gets a half million views on a club music video called 'My Penis'

The gay Beavis of the new millenium except less humorous.

Somewhere inside that mush of supposed grey matter, this fucktard thinks people like him for his 'insightful' remarks.

Given his audience... he may be right. I might be wrong. However, natural selection means I will outbreed him. lol. So there's catharsis.


But changing gears....

Joe the plumber garners attention by being a 'representative' of the working class for the McCain campaign and STILL is asked for his opinions on current events.

Joe doesn't want his kids around gay people... or was it... Joe doesn't want gay people around his kids. Either way it's probably safe to assume that Joe's kids won't be going to any college besides one akin to a Liberty University. (no offense to you, Patten)

To Joe: Dude, your kids are going to be what your kids are going to be. Quit spending so much time with the media and spend more time with them. Otherwise, they will do their damnedest to forget your birthday and spend time partying with their way cooler gay friends. Oh... and get over it. Your 'horse' lost the race.

Why the American 'working class' has been branded as Republican amazes me, but it doesn't puzzle me.

I've spent at least ten years trying to get colleagues and coworkers interested in furthering their education. I'm not talking about sending menopausal cougars to college. I'm talking about conversations with 30-something industrial workers involving more than alcohol and television.

Y'know what doesn't help???

Giving celebrity status to idiots. Allowing morons to dispense their backwards worldviews for 50 million people. Giving an escape from anonymity to mildly retarded gay youtube fashion pundits.

It doesn't make you rich to be more intelligent than Joe or Perez. People don't hold microphones in your face 24/7 if you have something substantive to say.

All that can be used to lure people to an age of working class enlightenment is self-satisfaction and that, children, doesn't pay the bills or get you noticed.

One can only hope that the '15 minutes' allotted to these guys is at 14:59.



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darth_josh wrote;

Why the American "working class has been branded Republicans amazes me,etc Yes it is amazing ,but let me refer you to a good book on that subject "What's the matter with Kansas ? How the Conservatives won the Heart of America"by Thomas Frank.   PS.  By the way I think that it 's very noble of you to get your co-workers interested in furthering their education.    

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