Stickam private room for special RRS events (subscriber only)

The RRS is trying to recoup costs associated with the Atheist Alliance International Convention. We are also starring in a documentary to be shot throughout the weekend. Entrance in to this private room is the only way to see the RRS while their movie is recorded and they conduct interviews. This includes the after party and gathering at the RRS house up until Thursday October 4th.

The price for admission to our private room is $30. This admission lasts forever! We'll have many more events in the future including a "breaking free from religion" retreat hosted by Dr. Marlene Winell, author of "Leaving the fold."

We will be providing service through a stationary camera on our laptop which will capture all happenings in the RRS room. RRS members on this trip include: Hambydammit, Rich Rodriguez, Greydon Square, Kellym78, Brian Sapient, Rook Hawkins, Yellow#5 (Mike), Razorcade, Healthy Addict (Ashley Ohio RRS), Belger, and Mr GAWN.

[mod edit: It's Hamby- "dammit" not "damnit," damn it!]

GUESTS SCHEDULED TO APPEAR: Richard Dawkins,, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Edwin Kagin, Ellen Johnson, Hemant Mehta, and many more! The Rational Response Squad movie will be filmed on this day. See it before it's created.

If you are a gold member, visit this secret thread for free admission to the room.

1. Make sure you create an account at first. THIS IS CRUCIAL!
2. Purchase your admission for $30, upon checkout use the comment section of your checkout page at paypal to GIVE US THE LINK TO YOUR STICKAM PROFILE! Here is the type of link we are looking for you to provide: (except we need your profile)
3. We will then send you a friend request on stickam, accept it, and then you will be able to enter room.

Don't forget to put your Stickam profile link!

If you have problems with above link, try this link.

The room will be open most of Friday and Saturday (Sep 28,29). On Sunday the room will be open at night. Monday thru Thursday the room will be open as much as possible. Visitors at the RRS house for the Monday thru Thursday section include: Sapient, Kelly, Rook, Yellow5 (Mike), Gawn, Rich Rodriguez, Greydon Square, Hambydammit, and Razorcade.

If all else fails you can post a response to this thread, and tell us your technical problems.

If you purchase before Thursday (Sep 27) at 10pm est we will have your membership processed by the time the room opens on Friday.