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I had an appointment at 8:30 this morning, and so I called last night for a cab to pick me up at 7 a.m. I was going to take the cab to the train station, then walk from the train to where the appointment was (or take another cab.) At 7:05, there was no cab in sight, so I called the company. The guy said he'd look into it, but never took my number. When I called back he said someone would be there in two minutes. I went outside and had a cigarette but no one showed.

The guy had mentioned that he was calling another company. After about 45 minutes of waiting and phone calls, I called another cab company myself. The lady that answered told me that they had sent a cab to my house (I hadn't even identified myself, or the address) and that she called and told me the cab would be there, but I never came out. When I told her that was not true - and I was not yelling, or even rude to her - she hung up me.

Eventually, I got another person on the line from the first company, who told me that they had nothing available.

I called the person with whom I had the appointment, and was told the person wasn't in (at 8:30) but had called out sick.

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I had a similiar experience with cabs

Damn that sucks.

I had something like that happen to me almost identically when I had first moved to the current city I reside in.

Public transportation in some places is efficient.

Here in  this  city, the cabs and the buses are a complete and total joke.

Fortunately, my wheels were only broke down for a couple of days and I did not have to deal with it more than that one time.

I swear, I was screaming at the top of my lungs and almost maniacal with those cab companies. I do not see  how people deal with them on a regular basis.


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Well, at least you didn't

Well, at least you didn't miss your appointment.  Yay?


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Reminds of one of the few

Reminds of one of the few times I ordered a taxi to take to me the airport well ahead of the time I actually needed it to pick me up. I asked for it to come early enough to get me there in time to catch my plane, still giving me time to get all my gear together, etc. Normally I would only call when I was ready to leave, but figured that might be risky, if they were busy.

Would you believe that was the one time the taxi arrived late, got me to the airport just in time to see my plane taking off...

I then had to point out to the booking clerk that there was a way to get me where I wanted to go by using two other flights which connected at an intermediate city - they had just said 'sorry, there are no suitable flights today'.

So yeah, I didn't get to screaming, but it was very frustrating, although I did get where I had to be (for work) in adequate time. (Direct flight distance is about 976 miles).

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