Why why why does everyone (friends, I don't try this on strangers) get so pissed at me when I attempt to politely explain that saying bless you when I sneeze bothers me. I know and acknowledge that they are trying to be polite but I would rather nor have it. Must I suffer so that someone can feel better about themselves and their manners. I don't get upset when people continue to use it as an unconscious gesture but people become angry with me for even suggesting they try to find an alternative. Also why am I not allowed to refuse to celebrate christmas, I am not christian, it is not my holliday. It can admitedly be fun but why must I do it if I don't want to. Why do all of these middle of the road I don't care what people believe folks getting so angry when I maintain my position.

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I understand just how you feel

I have repeatedly told my sister that I am not Catholic, yet she gets angry when I don't say "bless you" to her when she sneezes. She goes out of her way to say "bless you" to me, saying that it doesn't mean anything but is just polite. If it doesn't mean anything, then why is she so bothered when it goes unsaid?

As to the celebration of Christmas and other holidays, I will be stating my position in a blog soon. I am far too tired at the moment though. Suffice it to say, my philosophical and idealogical stances are, for the most part, completely at odds with those of modern day Christians.

Invariably, I have found that gestures that are conclusively and demonstrably of Christian origin are deemed necessary by most Christians. Yet they continually declare that they are neither Christian nor that they mean what they say. "That may have meant that back then, but it doesn't mean that now!" is becoming an increasingly repetitious statement in conversation as of late.

I personally think that, regardless of anything they say, they Christian will never accept that there are those who actually are not Christian. It is inconceivable to them, and they can not respect such a decision.

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