....And they pull me back in....

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....And they pull me back in....

Lately I have been being drawn into the christian ring by finding Paul Washer a Baptist preacher that has the same views that I had when I was christian. He talks about how 95% of all American Christians are hypocrites and are going to hell. It makes me feel good that someone is reeming them out and using biblical facts to do it. But then I have to step back and realise I don't believe in that BS anymore... I need to move to an athesit country; I hear most of Europe is past christianity but Islam is taking over in its place and China issupposedly becoming Christian at a fast rate. What do you guys do when it starts drawing you back in?

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I remind myself that I was

I remind myself that I was brainwashed into the feelings you are currently going through, and a lot of that dogma is still there, and will linger for a while.  And while it is normal to feel that draw, it is important to recognize that it is just a part of the dogmatic propaganda I was fed for 17 years of my life.  That they are also deluded into believing in invisible men in the sky who, while pretending that these men are loving, recognize that they are ruthless enough to create a pit of fire where he wants to roast you for for eternity.  I recall these things, and I shudder at the thought that I ever was gullible enough to believe any of it.

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When christians around

When christians around thinks, that their friends, neighbours and family members will probably go to hell, then I've a bad message for them - the hell exists and christians are already there. What else than a hell is having a constant fear that everyone around will be senselessly punished?

If you want to live in an atheistic country, I really don't know about one. Maybe Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, such a western Europe. Czech Republic isn't bad, christians here are very quiet (except of one lunatic I saw preaching on a street), nobody really cares much. Just not Poland, that's maybe more religional place than USA.

I will be never again tempted by christianity. I attended the sunday school as everyone else here, but I don't believe in worshipping, and specially not worshipping anything antropomorphic. If yes, it would be like worshipping a human itself, I'd have better to kneel in front of  a mirror and pray to myself, tremble before my wrath and beg for my mercy for myself. I know there are some very valuable passages in christianity, originating from Jesus Christ, which are independently confirmed by a metaphysical research, but these are better and precisely explained in other sources than Bible.
If you're an atheist or not, there's no reason you couldn't take just what you think is valuable and feels right, and let the rest of dogmatic ideology alone. You've got no moral duty to an ideology (or atheism) to accept everything you're told. Accept just what is right for you at the moment.

Beings who deserve worship don't demand it. Beings who demand worship don't deserve it.

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My suggestion: whenever you

My suggestion: whenever you get that fundy craving, read a Chick Tract.

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 I'd recommend just getting

 I'd recommend just getting smarter about this stuff.  Once I learned that theism can't really escape from any of the solid counter arguments, I cut it loose and never considered a return to it.  Once it clicks off, if you really understand why it clicks off, it's REALLY hard to intellectually turn the theism circuit back on.

This is why I tend to smell bullshit when people say things like "I was an atheist, just like you! And then I found Jesus!"   Not to "no true Scotsman" them, but to me, if you've really worked out these problems, there's really no way to return without lying to yourself.   So when they say they were "just like me!"  I should either believe they never had a good reason to not believe in the first place, or they are lying and  are just using that as a conversational tactic. 

So...   read more!