New titles (to me, at least)

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While I still have two Hitchens books I need to tackle ('Love, Poverty and War' and 'Hitch22') I received three more books that I had ordered this week. These include Hitchens' 'Letters to a Young Contrarian,' Ayaan Hirsi Ali's 'Nomad,' and 'What's God Got to Do With It?: Robert Ingersoll on Free Thought Honest Talk & the Seperation of Church & State.' 
The questions remain - which will I tackle first? and How long will it take for me to get around to it? 

Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on any of these books? 


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                   How are your powers of concentration these days.  Hitchens & Ingersoll require concentration. Hirsi Ali is easy to read and understand under any circumstance.  I find I can not read Hitchens and drink at the same time, I might miss something.  Ingersoll I have never read.  Hirsi Ali is  a great read with a glass of wine. I mean no offense to Ali but she is no Hitchens.                       It's nice to hear your recovery is doing well, keep up the good health.


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Re: depends

The Ingersoll is a short book that includes excerpts only, so it does not seem even the least bit challenging. 
I've read Hitchens and Hirsi Ali before, and I don't think either will present much in the way of struggle (since I do not drink.) I am reading a chapter per day of Hitch 22, and I've started the Ingersoll because it really does seem the lightest, containing as it does short exerpts. I am looking forward to all the Hitchens.