My favorite activist of the day: Former Follier

Former Follier has been busting his ass this morning behind the scenes, helping to pull together a major scandal at Way of the Retard. Check out our sister site that he heads up:

Anyway, we've been corresponding for a few hours in IM, just working as usual, until Kelly reminded me that he's getting married today. Here is how that went...

[4:24:57 PM] Brian Sapient says: aren't you getting married today?
[4:39:33 PM] Former Follier says: Yeah. Just waiting for Amanda to get her hair done.

Anyway... Former Follier, like me, you don't stop. I applaud you, and Amanda for putting up with you. Sticking out tongue May both of you have a very happy life together, and may she allow you the space you need to help fix the world. Sticking out tongue

Thanks Former Follier for being so active in the fight against retardation... I mean "masters."

- Sapient

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