"Mighty Power" (Song Lyrics)

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"Mighty Power" VERSE:
Well, it's a mystifying mystery And it's more than a little bit odd This mighty power no one ever did see
This mighty power of god

Yeah he’s so mighty he’s “the” almighty
And you’d better quake with fright
And if he kills your kids and cripples you
You’d better just stay polite

Because even though he’s quite almighty
He’s mighty insecure
And he wants you to say nice things about him
And get down on the floor

And do we really need such animalistic
Gestures of submission anymore?

I don’t see no mighty power
I don’t see nothin’ at all
Y’say I gotta believe the unbelievable
Or I’m headed for a fall
But I’ve always heard about god from people
And people have always lied
And if god’s got all of this mighty power
Why then does he hide?

And why has he been hiding all of this time?

So mighty and high he can justify
Whatever you decide to do
Because he’s all-wise and he’s all knowin’
And he totally agrees with you

The Conquistadors were so outmanned
That it looked like suicide
But they knew they’d win with god and guns
And horses on their side

Said, “The Lord helps those who help themselves,
That’s what we’ve always found.”
So they helped themselves to everything
That wasn’t nailed down

And the Lord stepped up with a pestilence
Put most of those pesky savages in the ground


And he’s self-created and he’s self-sufficient
And there’s nothing he could possibly need
But to quench his mighty powerful thirst
Every living thing has got to bleed

And he wants you to loan him all your money
And your heart and your hands and your head
But he’ll pay you back with interest
Just as soon as you’re dead

And whether his power is used to do great good
Or terrible ill
And whether that mighty power is used to heal
Or used to kill

There’s one thing nobody likes to mention
Though everybody understands
That power is always exercised
By grubby little human hands

Dirty little, grubby little, greedy little,
Bloody little, busy little human hands.


Copyright 2001, Aaron Black

All of the faith and prayer in the world

All of your dumb show and circuses

You know it's a lie, it'll always be a lie

The invention of an animal who knows he's going to die

-Randy Newman